Iron Fisticle (PC) Review

By David Lovato 06.03.2015

Review for Iron Fisticle on PC

The minds behind games like Stealth Inc and Stealth Bastard come together to deliver a retro-inspired twin stick shooter, Iron Fisticle. It is a simple game. First and foremost, it's a top-down arena style twin stick shooter. Second, it's an homage to classic arcade games in the same vein. Cubed3 takes this intriguing title for a spin in this latest review.

Players control one of two characters as hordes of enemies spawn around them, using one analogue stick to move the character and the other to shoot. Enemies drop items when killed, and money can be collected to purchase upgrades. The game world is randomly generated, meaning there's no true way to each floor's boss room. The titular Iron Fisticle is a special move that eliminates all enemies in a certain radius.

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It seems like just about everyone these days wants to throw together a retro-inspired indie game, and simply paying homage to games that have already been made isn't enough to set anything apart anymore. Iron Fisticle steps up to this challenge by offering a fast-paced, side-scrolling mini-game reminiscent of both Mario and Sonic: players leap from platform to platform, grabbing coins and avoiding lava and traps. It's a fun diversion from the usual gameplay, and considering the random generation of levels, there's plenty of replay value to be found.

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Rated 7 out of 10

Iron Fisticle is simple, yet rewarding. It's nostalgic without being a hollow imitation of the games that came before it. The developer knew what it was going for and nailed it. The graphics and sound are nothing special, and the gameplay is a little slow (especially at the beginning), but sticking with it yields a highly addictive and fun game experience.


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