Titan Attacks! (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Lex Firth 06.03.2015

Review for Titan Attacks! on Nintendo 3DS

A select few gamers may remember a cult indie hit from a few years back that went by the name of Space Invaders. In the almost forty(!) years since its original release, it's been ported countless times, received a number of genre-bending sequels and - just like any popular game - been the subject of a number of attempts to emulate its classic gameplay. Titan Attacks! is unashamedly one of the latter, but how does a decades-old formula hold up in 2015? After checking out the PlayStation 4 version last year, now Curve Digital has brought the game to 3DS eShop and Cubed3 reviews the newest port.

There's no need to explain the gameplay here, as it's a carbon copy of Space Invaders. That's not to say developer Puppy Games hasn't done anything new, of course - the game is equipped with an upgrade system that comes into play after each round. Players can use money earned on the battlefield to purchase more health for their spaceship, as well as extra guns, bullets, and smart bombs in order to make reaching the boss of each area easier.

These upgrades will certainly be needed - Titan Attacks! is not an easy game. That's especially true for players unfamiliar with Space Invaders' gameplay, who are unlikely to make it past even the first boss. It's likely that they will be put off by the game's punishing nature - it doesn't operate on a lives system, but rather offers the chance to purchase more health in the upgrade shop, so death means starting afresh, from the first stage of each world. It's incredibly irritating, especially as it takes around twenty minutes to reach the boss, and that can often feel like wasted time for those wishing to just make it to the end.

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It's this that makes Titan Attacks!' position on a handheld console slightly confusing. It masquerades as a simple pick-up-and-play game but is actually quite punishing and inexperienced gamers may find themselves a little put off. Even looking past this, whereas it flourished on PC and PlayStation 4, this 3DS port is certainly not one of Curve Digital's finest conversions: the crisp, clear graphics of the original look rather messy in a lower resolution, the stereoscopic 3D function is completely absent, and there are even a few hints of slowdown, which is unforgivable in such a simplistic title.

While the port is somewhat lacking, the core game still carries plenty of value. There are a number of excellent little touches injected by the developer, such as a fun mechanic that involves catching fleeing enemies as they plummet to the ground, challenging yet rewarding bonus stages, and even nice visual references such as decorations in the second world that look remarkably like they have been lifted from 1979's Asteroids. The only real complaint with the source material is the music - it's incredibly generic and repetitive and is likely to leave many reaching straight for the volume slider.

Titan Attacks! on 3DS eShop is well worth a look for fans of Space Invaders' gameplay, but it's certainly not the first choice. Those after a challenge should try out the versions of the game available on other consoles, while those looking for a game more suited to casual play should look elsewhere.

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Titan Attacks! is a great game, but its 3DS eShop port seems not only slightly pointless but is also a disappointing effort from Curve Digital, who has proven its porting prowess multiple times recently with The Swapper and Thomas Was Alone. It's still worth a look for Space Invaders fans, but is far outclassed by its PlayStation and PC siblings.


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