Blek (Wii U) Review

By Joseph Walsh 12.03.2015

Review for Blek on Wii U

When Kunabi Brother decided to create a puzzle game, the final result was a self-confessed, modern day adaptation of Snake, the classic puzzler that came installed on every Nokia phone in the '90s. It would be natural, upon first glance, to think that this might be little more than a touch screen version of Snake, but delve deeper, spend a few minutes with the game, and it becomes apparent that other than the Snake-like cursor used to navigate through the variety of mazes, this is very much its own game.

Blek starts abruptly: Launch game. Play game. There are no menus or option screens to speak of; this is taking minimal to the next level. Of course, to concentrate on what the game doesn't have opposed to what it brings to the puzzle game scene would be an injustice, as Blek is built on a completely unique foundation. Throughout the 60 levels included, each level asks of its player to remove all the static colour balls by drawing a line on the touchpad. Once the stylus leaves the screen, the line will come to life and repeatedly move in the same direction, at the same pace that it was originally created. Should the line touch any of the black dots or exit either the top or bottom screen, it is game over.

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As expected, the first ten or so levels serve as a tutorial of sorts, and do a good job of allowing gamers to get to grips with Blek's unique mechanic. As frustrating as it can be to repeat a difficult stage multiple times, it's every bit as satisfying to see the final result pay off once the best approach has been realised. It's possible to fluke some levels but, for the most part, Blek requires focus and, most importantly, patience.

Other obstacles will come into play later on in the game and once they all merge together, it is hard to imagine beating them at all, although by then each rule and challenge that Blek has thrown at players should be clearly understood.

Screenshot for Blek on Wii U

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Blek is an inspired puzzle game that does very little wrong - It's fresh, different and gets straight to the point. However, it may be too simple for its own good in almost every department and after a thorough play-through, there's little reason to return. With a bit more time and a few new features, Blek has all the ingredients to become a strong entry into the puzzle world, should a sequel ever transpire.


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