Chariot (Wii U) Review

By Brian Short 20.03.2015

Review for Chariot on Wii U

From the creative minds at Frima Studios in Quebec comes an enchanting story revolving around a princess, her fiancé, and a dead man (actually, two dead men, to be precise). Never pleased, the ghost of the king has demanded his daughter and her loyal fiancé find the most magnificent sepulchre to reflect his royal majesty's grandeur. The only trick is that they will have to somehow navigate through icy caverns, lava pits, and monster infested caves with only a rope to pull along the chariot their dearly departed king lies in.

Couch co-op takes centre stage in Chariot, as two players carry the casket of the king through five different areas. Each area is broken down into a series of levels with multiple entrances and exits, leading to a lot of exploration and hidden treasures to find. Treasures that can be found include loot and blueprints that can be used to upgrade the chariot, as well as special skulls that can be collected. While most of the game can be completed in single player, each level has a section that is only possible or sometimes much easier with an additional helper. Loot found in each level can be used at the shop ran by the skeleton shopkeeper to unlock upgrades.

Frima Studios has done an excellent job of creating unique worlds to explore down in the monstrous cave. World two contains lush vegetation that illuminates as it is passed in the dark, whereas world five is comprised of beautiful sandstone structures and deadly quicksand. The levels are not only visibly distinct, but also contain their own particular brand of puzzles. The fourth cavern contains lava flows that must be navigated, while the third cavern has the obligatory ice platforming.

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Learning to navigate from platform to platform while dragging a heavy chariot is actually quite easy. Choking up on the rope or giving it slack responds the same way it would in real life, and missing a jump or losing the chariot never really feels unfair. Playing solo can definitely increase the difficulty, but Frima Studios made sure it would not be impossible. Chariot gives out plenty of upgrades and tools to make the journey easier, as well, with the most useful item being the peg that can anchor the chariot to a ledge.

Chariot is not a cakewalk, though. It utilises a sound system that can be triggered if the chariot is dropped harshly on the ground or gems are picked up. Various types of monsters inhabit the cavern and will come running if a sound is too close. Some will try to steal the loot, while others attach a rope to the coffin and try to drag it away. Fortunately, the princess and her fiancé are well equipped with their sword and boomerang. Their fighting finesse could probably bolster a whole new game sans the chariot dragging mechanic.

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Chariot is a true co-op game. The beauty is that the game can be played and enjoyed in two completely different styles. Puzzles that were fairly easy with a partner become daunting obstacles when flying solo. Each way to play has its merits, and the game length can effectively be doubled by going down both paths. Beautiful presentation and a near complete lack of glitches round out the package that makes Chariot one of the best games to come out for the Wii U.






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