Grapple (PC) Review

By Shanker Varma 10.04.2015

Review for Grapple on PC

Navigating platforms as a ball of goo may seem like a strange concept, but it is wonderfully executed in this inventive new puzzle platformer, with a variety of hazards and surfaces to navigate that stop Grapple from becoming repetitive. The futuristic space setting plays host to 90 levels of increasingly difficult challenges where the ability to instantly restart a level replaces potential frustration with the determination to conquer every obstacle.

Tuesday Society's first game on Steam is a 3D puzzle platformer that puts players in complete control when deciding how to complete a level. The freedom to race through a level or cautiously approach each platform to find every collectible, or even combine both approaches for a rapid collectathon, will attract players with a range of skills. This high level of accessibility is very well crafted as Grapple doesn't feel like it has been dumbed down, nor does it feel impossible to complete.

Progress through each of the 90 levels is kept fresh thanks to the introduction of a variety of hazards and gameplay elements. Mechanics are introduced with simple signs, and there is freedom to work out the best way to adapt new information to the current level and those that follow. As a result, gameplay is rarely boring and at times feels like a wonderful cross between playing as Super Mario and Spider-Man, as creative ways to progress are coined. The 3D puzzle platformer has been taken to new heights thanks to something as simple as incorporating a swinging mechanism into the game.

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Grapple is accessible to a range of gamers, but that doesn't stop it from being a challenge, especially to those inclined to find every secret. The ability to quickly restart a level and the helpful checkpoint system mean that failure is never an exercise in frustration, but a learning experience, while short loading times help to keep the attention of the player. While there is freedom to complete the game at a leisurely pace, the ability to move between levels or restart them without much waiting makes it easy to lose track of time and nurture the desire to have just one more go.

Using the WASD keys and mouse to guide a ball of goo around 90 levels of obstacles and platforms works very well. The mouse makes it possible to easily look around for the next platform onto which the ball must be guided or to find any nearby hazards that must be avoided. The flexibility of controlling the camera with the mouse also helps when looking for various collectibles, while the speed of changing views is helpful when it comes to completing speed challenges and recording even faster times for time trials.

Each level has been designed with a futuristic look in the middle of space. This creates a futuristic, but relaxing atmosphere that feels like a cross between Super Mario Galaxy and Tron. The music matches the art style with its techno themed beats, but it remains calm so that it doesn't overpower gamers as they navigate through each puzzle. Together, the visuals and music are engaging and complement the gameplay very well.

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It won't take long for players to start praising the physics system and rejoice in swinging a ball of goo around obstacles. The simple way of conveying new information strikes a great balance between cultivating self-discovery and ensuring that players are not left lost in any single level for too long. Overall, Grapple is challenging, but a joy to play, as completing each level is always rewarding and exhilarating.


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