Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time (PlayStation 4) Review

By David Lovato 11.04.2015

Review for Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time on PlayStation 4

Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix continue the story of Max Caulfield, a college student with the ability to rewind time, in Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time. Episode 1 - Chrysalis found Max discovering her ability to change the future by revisiting the past, as well as running into a former best friend, all while falling head-first into the mystery of a missing girl. After nearly two months of waiting, it's time to see where Episode 2 goes from there.

After a recap showing the major decisions from Episode 1, Episode 2 finds Max waking up a day after discovering her ability to change time and saving a former best friend, Chloe Price, from a disturbed student with a gun. Music plays a heavy role from the very beginning, as it did in the previous episode, and players are dropped back into Max's school, Blackwell Academy, where they can wander the halls, talk to students, and generally impact the world around them. The halls of Blackwell are lined with posters, some of them displaying missing girl Rachel Amber, others reminding students to fight bullying. Players can take this matter directly into their own hands, or choose to let the drama and shenanigans of Blackwell unfold as they otherwise would.

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It's soon clear that the stakes are higher this time around. A student, and friend of Max's, is on the rough end of severe bullying, while the rich and powerful student who nearly killed Chloe in Chrysalis is walking the halls without repercussions. It is encouraged to keep a watchful eye on the environment, whether it's searching for clues that might help in later decision making, or just sniffing out fun Easter eggs hidden by the game's developer. This chapter takes its audience through a variety of locations, each as full of intrigue and fun to explore as the last, culminating in an ending sure to keep anyone on the edge of their seats and on the tips of their toes.

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Life is Strage: Episode 2 - Out of Time has flaws, sometimes deep ones, but these are vastly overshadowed by the obvious beauty found within. Lifelike characters with their own pasts and motivations collide, and at the centre of it all players find themselves in the shoes of a loveable and relatable protagonist. No decision is easy, no good or bad deed is without consequences, and the game world created by Dontnod is one that players can escape into for hours. The story is riveting, the character development thorough and often heart-wrenching. The ending is far away, but the journey thus far has been excellent, and so far Life is Strange is proving to be an experience no gamer should miss.


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