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By Adam Riley 12.04.2015 3

Review for Citizens of Earth on Nintendo 3DS

Many people have their favourite old school games, from the likes of The Legend of Zelda on the NES to SNES classics like Chrono Trigger, or even right up to modern day games like Xenoblade on Wii. However, Suikoden and Earthbound both hold special places in the hearts of many, despite seemingly only being 'cult' titles. RPG delights from yesteryear have a tendency to spark a fire in the bellies of developers keen on either paying homage to the pieces of gaming history…or basically cashing in on fans hungry for something new-but-familiar. Where does Citizens of Earth fall? After taking a look at Eden Industries' role-playing adventure on Wii U, PlayStation 4, Steam/PC, and PlayStation Vita, Cubed3 delves into the final version available - the Nintendo 3DS iteration - to see if it made a smooth transition to the weakest system of the lot.

Most people love the idea of being in power, and now it is possible to become the Vice President of Earth in Atlus and Eden Industries' Citizens of Earth. The question is, though, just what benefits are there to such a role? Well, in all honesty, it is more of a delegation position, with the VP not even taking part in the game's battles, or doing much of anything other than complaining about things, instead relying on his mother, brother, and various other citizens that he comes across and manages to recruit. There is something funky going on, with the word 'alien' thrown into the mix, and the VP and his motley crew must put an end to the mysterious shenanigans.

The ins-and-outs of the adventure have been laid bare in previous reviews for this on other systems, since it is indeed a direct port. In terms of voice work packed in for this 3DS eShop release, it is mightily impressive, yet there is a major cost for not fully optimising the downscaled port correctly - fatal crashes. No matter how many sarcastic quips fly around or quirky non-playable characters are met along the way, getting caught on scenery, breaking through into areas of the surroundings that should not be accessible, or even being faced with complete game failures, being dumped unceremoniously to the 3DS menu screen, all help to raise the frustration levels and ultimately lead to a strong desire to merely give up and not bothering slogging through to the credits in the hope of a few extra shreds of humour…especially when the script is not always as funny as it thinks it is.

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There is so much to do between the opening stages and final battle that the majority of time spent during the adventure will likely be fulfilling side-quests and recruiting new members to the team without even needing to trigger story continuation markers. This must truly be a strong point - something to be proud of, especially for a low-priced RPG experience, right? In many cases that would indeed be correct. However, the problem here is that after more than 10-15 hours of wandering around, gathering the vast array of characters and taking on the weird and wacky objectives available, reality will dawn upon dedicated gamers that their efforts have basically been for nothing. Other than for completion's sake, there is no particular benefit for having the majority of the extras in tow. Everything is just as enjoyable sticking with the VP's mother and brother - the first two to join - and another of those enlisted early on.

Oddball characters, intriguing objectives, a lengthy overall campaign - all fantastic, if tied to together in an engaging manner, yet Citizens of Earth is simply trying too hard to be something it is not. Suikoden and Earthbound fans will both be left feeling empty, and anyone else looking for a decent adventure should steer well clear of this 3DS edition. Underneath the bugs, there is something that will keep attention levels moderately high, but the shocking state of this broken portable rendition of Eden Industries' opus is simply a major test of patience.

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Trapped underneath the horrendous glitches and game-breaking bugs is a very intriguing and - for the most part - pleasing adventure, with a touch of comedy mixed in for good measure. Sadly, though, the game's lack of balance for characters' strength, the hit-and-miss humour, the sometimes confusing nature of objectives and where they take place, on top of all the problems (try 70+ crashes on for size - enough to test even the patience of a saint), mean that all of the wonderful potential is wasted. Perhaps those with a calm demeanour may be content with simply rebooting the game on a regular basis considering the amount on offer for a low price, but many will indeed just give up after the first batch of freezing instances. This is possibly one of the most broken games released so far, and definitely the most broken on 3DS, full stop, thus snuffing out any glimmer of a good game.


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There is a patch coming soon at least;

I actually quite enjoyed the demo so was dismayed to find out about all the issues.
Hopefully they can get the bulk of them sorted :-/ <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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How the hell did I manage the game with only a couple of crashes?

Darkflame said:
There is a patch coming soon at least;

I actually quite enjoyed the demo so was dismayed to find out about all the issues.
Hopefully they can get the bulk of them sorted :-/

Finally! Wow, that took far too long... I asked and asked, but had no reply about it. Good to see it eventually being sorted, but what about those that invested 30-40 hours and endured all the annoying crashes and bugs? The amount of times I really wanted to quit...but for this, I wanted to push through to the final credits. I'd still only hover at a 6 without the bugs.

Insanoflex said:
How the hell did I manage the game with only a couple of crashes?
It'll be the way it was compressed onto the 3DS eShop compared to Wii U. Happened slightly with the last Adventure Time game on 3DS compared to the PS3 version. Same game, just buggier.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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