Farming Simulator 15 (PlayStation 4) Review

By Luna Eriksson 21.05.2015

Review for Farming Simulator 15 on PlayStation 4

Old MacDonald had a farm
And on that farm he had a lot of tractors and workers

Yes, the farm in Farming Simulator 15 is a modern time farm simulator. No glorified farmer fantasy like in Harvest Moon titles here, just the harsh and somewhat boring reality of a farming life is delivered in Farming Simulator 15. It will certainly gain the approval of farming fanatics out there, but is it a joyful experience for people other than those looking for a farming experience? Read on for the answer!

Ready to go out and feed the piggies, milk the cows and reap the harvest of hand-planted seeds? Too bad, that is not what Farming Simulator 15 is going to deliver. Instead, the series focuses on the more modern and industrial reality of the trade today. Still interested? Then read on as Farming Simulator 15 might be a game of high interest.

The goal is, as usual in farming simulators, to make a big bank out of the hard farm work. The difference that separates the Farming Simulator franchise from the more colourful options is that it is more realistic and there is less goofing around in the work - an aspect that will be appealing to fans of lifelike simulators. The issue is, however, that it will end up a boring experience for literally everyone else. The main problem with Farming Simulator 15 is its complete lack of mass appeal, and to the average gamer the most fun that will be had will simply be to run the tractors into the lake and see them floating around at the bottom of the water, or having fun with the sometimes faulty physics engine.

Screenshot for Farming Simulator 15 on PlayStation 4

Beside the lack of mass appeal, it is a good simulator, all in all. The realism and the multiple steps on the way from a seed to finished product will leave fans of simulators, and especially farming simulators, really pleased with the experience, as the game delivers what it promises. The graphics look good and beside the sometimes quirky physics engine, Farming Simulator 15 is a very realistic experience that does a good job mimicking the real life experience.

Farming is difficult, however. It is a job with many aspects to take into account. Luckily, Farming Simulator 15 comes with a hefty tutorial that covers most, if not all, important aspects of the farming life. The detailed learn-by-doing tutorial will ensure that even newcomers to the franchise, and maybe even the genre, most likely will get a head start and never feeling at a loss for what to do next.

If able to bypass the by nature repetitive gameplay, and the fact that it is not an all too exciting experience, this is a great simulator. With lifelike gameplay, and realistic graphics and (more often than not) physics, Farming Simulator 15 ensures a lifelike farming experience. However, this does come at the loss of mass appeal that series like Harvest Moon deliver, but if into simulators, this is a title strongly recommended.

Screenshot for Farming Simulator 15 on PlayStation 4

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The people out there who want this game know what to expect, and they get exactly what they ask for: a lifelike farm simulator. The way the industry is pictured into the game is very well done and is not going to leave fans disappointed. However, for basically everyone else, Farming Simulator 15 offers absolutely nothing of value, other than maybe five to thirty minutes of fun as they go through the tutorial learning the controls, since this game becomes repetitive extremely fast. It is a good game that completely lacks mass appeal. If just wanting to dip the toes into the farming experience there are far better options out there, but for farming or simulator enthusiasts, a great game awaits to fulfil that sweet spot that only a great simulator can do.


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