Krinkle Krusher (PlayStation 4) Review

By Sandy Kirchner-Wilson 08.06.2015

Review for Krinkle Krusher on PlayStation 4

Tower Defence games have gained a lot of momentum through the mobile market, with titles such as Kingdom Rush leading the way. Krinkle Krusher takes its own direction, providing players with a slightly different, more intriguing gameplay style for the genre. With quirky humour, cheesy puns, and a whole bunch of other "Krinkle-tastic" things, after the initial hands-on preview, how does the final product hold up?

As the story goes, everyone in the kingdom is celebrating, eating cake made with fruit from an ancient magical tree, but the smell attracts dangerous creatures known as Krinkles. The town asks a mage and his magic glove to defend the gate and, thus, the adventure begins. Krinkle Krusher's premise is simple: stop the enemies from reaching the wall by using magic rings to cast spells.

The glove is controlled using the analogue sticks, moving vertically and horizontally. To begin with, there is just one spell offered and a small trickle of enemies, which provides a good starting difficulty for learning this rather unusual system, but it quickly becomes pretty tough - perhaps a little too hard - when the spells are limited. Each enemy has a specific weakness to an incantation, which means that it can be played strategically. The biggest problem faced is that the levels become repetitive fast - waves of enemies, limited spells (to start with), and no real way to just block foes in order to catch a breath, meaning very short bursts of play are the best way to enjoy this.

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The presentation is somewhat poor on the nice, shiny PS4, disappointingly, with all textures being of a low resolution, models that are low in polygon count, and stunted animation. However, the visuals are very colourful during both story and gameplay, with the story itself presented as images with occasional animations that look decent enough and don't overstay their welcome. The sound, on the other hand, is not so forgivable. Those at the helm will have "Krinkle-tastic" drilled into their subconscious due to the Persona 4 Teddy-type voice that presents humorous quips, which is a shame as it makes it hard to focus on the actual playing of the game. Thankfully, the rest of the sound is pretty good, with some decent music and reasonably polished voice acting.

Krinkle Krusher has a reasonable length, with three worlds each containing 20 levels and there is some added replayability due to levels later on being free for replay with new powers in order to achieve the highest rank of three stars. It feels as though the PS4 port was just a quick way to grab at a larger audience, though, having the feel of a handheld product and probably would be more enjoyable on Vita. A touch-screen would remove the tedious analogue movement, at least, and provide a much more quick-fire gameplay environment.

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This game is very obviously aimed at the younger sector of the gaming crowd, but with the frustrating difficulty of the beginning parts, along with limited spells and lots of enemies, they may well be put off before really getting deeper into it. Krinkle Krusher is a moderately good tower defence release, with plenty of life in it for any fans of the genre. However, anyone other than that might be wise to steer clear or at least think twice.


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