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TimeSplitters 2 (GameCube) Review

Review for TimeSplitters 2 on GameCube - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review

Free Radical, the developers behind this title, wanted to be a little bit more creative... Before Free Radical, members worked on GoldenEye, the legendary "king", had so many restrictions in what could be done. Would you see an alien in a Bond title? Perfect Dark, another title, had the little of freedom - aliens, "adult" humour, a female heroine and little niggles to entertain the most observant gamer. Then all went dead (no pun intended), and a small title arose from the silence, Timesplitters - an average game that was more of a test than a true creation, but they have evolved and learnt from their mistakes the "king" is back, and he's on all formats; Timesplitters 2.

Graphics - something almost any gamer wants and has a hunger for, this title doesn't disappoint, ok, almost doesn't disappoint! First off it implements some very realistic texture effects that essentially bring the game to life and, for some, make owners proud. It isn't 100% spectacular, but it does do the title justice for it runs at an INCREDIBILY smooth rate of 60fps and, since I've played, hasn't dropped a single fps. This constant stable speed has allowed for some heavy effects, fire, lighting, liquid, ice - all the elements are created to give that extra visual surprise to the player. Multiple characters spawn over the screen with these extra graphical techniques and are still maintained, running at that extra high speed. In some areas though, not all these effects are implemented, perhaps to vary the locations somewhat further. The models, characters, are created nicely, not photographic, but are a vast improvement over the others with the best animation I have seen in a while, it's been carefully drawn with every hint of care possible. The guns look very "next generation", and are varied in terms of size, shape and colour, giving the game a little extra variety. In terms of animation, they run at a very smooth rate, perhaps even better than real life! The multiplayer levels are superbly created with similar visual effects around, and can even be manipulated in the level editor/creator - nice.

Mention this game name to a "casual" gamer and they'll look at you with bewilderment, but mentioning GoldenEye would get them raving about the immense gameplay... Funnily enough, TimeSplitters 2 follows from its "predecessor" by having the best gameplay, in terms of FPS titles, that is currently available to the home console market. When you start the main mode, story, you will instantly have memories of GoldenEye (you must have played it!!) as you are instantly "reborn" into the classic Siberian Dam area but with a greater sense of style. Blow up an enormous sized dish with remote mines, disable communications, recover items, destroy enemies... this may sound MUCH like the N64 counterpart, perhaps because they are similar but different. This title is all about the guns - massive bullet infested... blimey! When it comes down to the story, it's not amazingly original, but it does have a sense of mystery and style - something people don't really take into consideration. Aliens, spies, hackers, espionage... it's the whole deal here, pimps, maidens, guards, zombies, ninja ladies... I could name almost unlimited characteristics here, but the game isn't really perfect. Firstly, the primary fire for almost every gun is very nice and smooth, but why not give a majority decent secondary fire like the ones implemented in Perfect Dark. Another problem is the length of some levels, a few spawn into the depths of time, you could be shooting for at least one hour, if you're bad that is...

Other areas are visually nice, take Neo Tokyo as an example - beauty - but the length of play is short but worth the time. Finally, another miniscule obstruction with the story mode is the way it's all done - they needed to introduce the TimeSplitters to more than a few of the regions, they weren't even involved in Chicago and a few others. But that's that, it's not a major fault... Although the number of levels seems small in comparison to the other, "killer" titles out there, the quality is it's strong area. Along with this involves a great co-operative mode, which creates a slightly different story, allowing players to team-up against the 9 areas. With this heavy mode comes the integration of an arcade mode that's divided into 2 sections - the normal mode allows you to test your skills against a series of set tasks, from using a shotgun to guard a room from an oncoming horde of zombies to smashing up some bunkers with grenades! The secondary mode in arcade allows you to create and play multiplayer scenarios with more than you can bite.

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Huge options are available, well some great new additions, that allow for highly competitive matches and events. Set options, that can be changed if you wish, include vampire, bag-tag, monkey assist etc that each has distinct features, that when used can be both fun and an advantage to some. If TimeSplitters 2 were just a multiplayer or "arcade custom" game, then it would perhaps make a title of its own, the options are almost infinite and both rewarding and challenging. The enemy AI (artificial intelligence) has improved dramatically in all modes of play, with characters rolling, hiding, bombarding, snipering etc to others, it's a new angle that allows for a sense of realism, apart from those zombies!

Every match is different as the arenas, most, are large and stylish, each appearing visually different - there are 16 in total. The usual set-up is present and noted in this game, time, characters, weapons - the regular cast of choices, but there is slightly better freedom where you can now customise your weapon sets, bots, teams in an easier and quicker way that some other titles. This game has furious, addictive and gorgeous gameplay - you won't want to put it down, especially with the comfort of a GameCube controller. The way that Free Radical have included easy to use controls astounds me, previous players of GoldenEye or Perfect Dark can easily "pickup and play" this title as several customisations are available. On the whole, TS2 provides the users with "limitless" gameplay and joy that even "FPS haters" can have respect for. There is more than just "run - aim - shoot" in this title, small side missions, espionage and the typical spy elements are in place that makes this FPS different from all the others.

The audio section of TS2 is superbly made, from just about every perspective. First, the musical scores - nicely constructed, moody, fitting to some arenas they represent, and catchy too! Among the beautiful tracks are a host of sound effects, gunshots, explosions, growls, moans (yes, moans), yawns, cries etc. all well implemented.

Screenshot for TimeSplitters 2 on GameCube - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review


Stunning. The best FPS on the GameCube and a title that can be enjoyed by anyone thanks to a superb game engine. Nothing beats it.


Stunning in places and average in others, TS2 has some great effects and huge levels make for you to feast your eyes upon.


The music is very atmospheric and the whole audio package is very well put together and compliments the game perfectly. Top stuff.


It just goes on and on and on. If the single player isn't enough (and it shouldn't be) you have a multiplayer that is one of the best on the GameCube and a excellent multiplayer too!

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Rated 9 out of 10

Oh what an amazing title for all FPS fans out there, it's almost balanced in terms of graphics/animation, sound, story, gameplay etc, but with familiar elements from other titles and extra little features that give the game it's originality. If you enjoyed Rare's Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, love a change in gameplay and storyline, and have a few mates to get around for some of the most fun and hilarious multiplayer on the GameCube, you need to get TimeSplitters 2!

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