Scram Kitty DX (PlayStation 4) Review

By Az Elias 10.07.2015

Review for Scram Kitty DX on PlayStation 4

Cats find their way into the most peculiar of places at times, but it's not often they get lost in space! Mutant spacecraft-flying rats are out to get their revenge on their feline predators, and have kidnapped a whole bunch of them in Scram Kitty DX, the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita outing of the previously Wii U-only title from Dakko Dakko ("Scram" is Welsh slang for "scratch," by the way. Now the title makes a little more sense, right?). After Cubed3's Adam had an overwhelmingly positive ride with Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails on Nintendo's console last year, it's time to cast a fresh pair of eyes over this updated PS4 version.

The bulk of what's what in Scram Kitty DX can be learned from Cubed3's review of the original game, but it is quite clear that this is the sort of arcade shooter-platformer that generates mixed feelings amongst those that play it. Being fixed to an actual rail to move and jump from one railing to another has an incredibly unnatural sensation to begin with, mainly due to the gravity and elasticity of the mechanics. It is unlike anything that has ever come before, and takes a while to get used to. In fact, it's not that far of a stretch to suggest that some people might not ever adapt to the controls 100%; there is a certain unpredictability to the platforming, where it can be very difficult to know exactly where the hero will land, especially when being pinged around on the elastic band that keeps the controllable craft from breaking away too far from the rail it is attached to.

Scram Kitty DX is the epitome of the classic arcade game; there are no tutorials and no button prompts when starting up. Being able to perform a spinning double jump that has plenty of defensive and offensive functionality can easily go unknown and may only be performed at first through sheer chance. This is what Scram Kitty works and thrives on, though. It is an effort to throw back to tough old-school platformers and shooters, but also to deliver something entirely different.

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Moving along the fixed rails and leaping from one side to the other, whilst blasting twin guns at mechanised rats that fire back, collecting coins, flicking switches and trying to rescue the four cats in every stage is not as simple as it sounds. Dakko Dakko's plan was to make a game that gave a real sense of achievement when mastered, though, and the team has certainly delivered on that. If the time is put in, Scram Kitty DX provides a satisfyingly testing, unique shooter-platformer experience rarely seen on the market. It's a game that requires patience and practice, with levels getting decisively more frustrating and rather repetitious the longer it goes on, but it seems to have just the right amount of content so as not to drag too much.

The tricky time-based challenge mode, online leaderboards, PlayStation Trophies, and even cross-buy to play it on the go on PS Vita, boost the appeal greatly. The recent update has also made it that much more newbie-friendly by allowing for shooting in different directions on the fly and applying an optional twin-stick shooting method. Arcade shooter fans craving a challenge will want to check this out, but it is definitely an acquired taste.

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Scram Kitty DX's twist on the shooter-platformer is one that requires perseverance. Its unconventional method of manoeuvrability has the power to turn away most people that pick up a pad to give it a go, but it makes the case for the perfect example of a game that allows the rewards to be reaped if taken the time to be mastered.


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