Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense (PC) Review

By Ian Soltes 18.07.2015

Review for Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense on PC

Developed by Paradox Development, Common Sense is an expansion that, oddly, is lacking in common sense. More focused on details and internal management, it comes off as more of a glorified patch than a legitimate expansion. Following on from the reviews of the base game and the El Dorado DLC, Cubed3 now takes a look at this new update for the popular Europa Universalis IV on PC.

When it comes to expansions, it's very important that they offer actual new content. The primary problem with Common Sense, however, is that what new content it offers is almost entirely internal… as in 'no actual new content added' internally. Instead, the primary draw is that players will now be able to control the internal development level of their provinces via spending their administration, diplomacy, and military points and, as provinces get more developed, slots for new buildings become unlocked, meaning the number of buildings a province can support is now limited.

There are additional things, like how several forms of government, such as Constitutional Monarchies, can now boast a Parliament. Every so often the player will be provided with a chance to pass a bill through Parliament for various bonuses. However, in order to get a bill passed, the various senators who hold seats will need to be persuaded by doing things such as permitting them to utilise the king's lands, expending various powers, and so-forth. With each senator properly persuaded, the chances of having the bill go up.

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On its own, Common Sense would actually have been a nice little addition and, to be frank, it isn't actually all that bad. The added internal details are decent enough and interesting, adding depth to the base game. The choice to limit buildings based on provincial development, while frustrating at times, adds more than it subtracts in the end by allowing each province to become specialised. The various internal additives do make the various cultures, governments, and religions more distinct, yet in terms of actual content, this expansion is lacking.

There are no new worlds, no new nations, no new times, or no new anything beyond the details. Sure, there are new events and disasters, such as the French Revolution, but to say that they are worth the full price of admission is simply incorrect.

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Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense boosts an already solid game enough, definitely enhancing the the actual gameplay present and adding depth at the same time. If Europa Universalis IV was a pool, then this Common Sense DLC would be akin to adding an extra 30cm to the deep end and then claiming it is deeper than other pools in the area. While it may be true, and it is deeper, it's simply not that overwhelming.


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