F1 2015 (PlayStation 4) Review

By Holly Scrimgeour 12.08.2015

Review for F1 2015 on PlayStation 4

The 2015 installment of Formula One is finally here and hopes to give all the options available to provide a realistic F1 driving experience, upping the ante from previous editions to make this the exemplar. It boasts a "stunning new game engine" and the chance to get closer to the real-life action than ever before. Being the 7th F1 title developed and released by Codemasters, it would indeed be hoped that past lessons have been learned and feedback taken onboard to ensure this is as top notch as possible. Launching earlier in the year than its predecessors, though, means there is scope to update as the new season unfolds. Does this mean corners were cut as it screeched towards the finish line, or does it easily maintain pole position?

F1 2015 has several types of modes available, offering something for every level of gamer, with even bonus content from the 2014 Championship season being thrown into the mix for good measure. There is the Championship season, in which the 2015 circuit listing can be raced through in the same set up as the real life version, for instance. Pick what team to race for, select one of the two current drivers racing for that team, and… go! There is no option to create a driver, though, or many other options at all, to be honest, in terms of tweaking the vehicles for personal racing style preferences. Perhaps this is a feature to be added through a later update? Who knows, for now? The pit crew are more vocal than in the past, with sound coming from the actual PS4 controller, yet it is also possible for voices to be blasted straight in-ear using a headset, with advice being pumped in similar to how an actual driver might here in mid-race. A problem occurs here, though, since a setting must be changed in one of the menus pre-race. There is no scope for plug-and-play goodness, switching between headset and controller speaker on the fly, unfortunately, which certainly feels like an oversight.

Races during the Championship season can be restricted to a three-lap practice session, a one lap qualifying session, and 25% of the track laps for the final race. This can still take around 25 minutes to complete but is certainly the better option if time is short. In the Pro season, there are no time limitations and the races are carried out fully, as if it were race day. Time included. This is great for hardcore F1 fans that are looking for the optimal experience and have a good hour and a half spare to complete a race.

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Luckily F1 2015 has a Quick Play option, where a team and driver can be chosen for a three-lap race. This could be quicker, though, minus the loading times and short introductory cut-scenes that aren't always necessary at the start of every race, especially in what is meant to be a 'quick play' environment, but at least for a pick-up-and-play option, a three-lap race is sufficiently pleasing.

The multiplayer feature takes F1 2015 online and the loading time for finding a game to join is a little… 'extravagant,' to say the least. Players can again choose their difficulty level, racing team, and the choice of the two current drivers for that team. Finding a match-up can take a lot longer than expected and, once found, there can sometimes be an overly lengthy waiting time in-between each race, as well as for the mandatory introductory cut-scene, plus the (minimal choice of) car set-up before finally getting round to the racing part.

On top of everything, sometimes the AI isn't entirely sure what is going on, though, and will give a penalty for cutting corners on some occasions but not for others, as well as penalise for illegal overtaking without at any point explaining what an illegal overtake is. Even when complete focus is on following the race line and breaking guidelines, the car will pull players right off the track. Very frustrating!

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F1 2015 is as true to the current Formula One season as it could be. The teams and drivers are all there, the tracks are all there and the cars look good. For a hardcore Formula One fan who wants to recreate the season, it's perfect. For those who want a racing game, pure and simple, there is little there for personal interpretation, such as creating drivers or progressing through the teams as the chosen driver improves. Codemasters' aim was to give gamers the chance to get '…closer to the action than ever before' and it has managed to succeed in so far as it mimics the Formula One 2015 season well. There is nothing majorly wrong with F1 2015 but there is nothing that is really going for it either. It is simply 'another F1 racing game,' except this time following the 2015 season. Graphics are good and the cars feel fast, yet it feels very basic in its gameplay.




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