Legend of Kay Anniversary (Wii U) Review

By Liam Cook 20.08.2015

Review for Legend of Kay Anniversary on Wii U

Legend of Kay was originally released on the PS2 back in 2005, and, due to the positive reception, was later remade for Nintendo DS in 2010, to mark the game's fifth anniversary. Ten years after its initial release, Nordic Games has created an HD version, reworking both the character models and environments. Following a review of the PS2 classic title on PS4, Cubed3 checks out the Wii U release to see how it holds up in the modern world of gaming.

Legend of Kay is an action-adventure title, featuring a young cat by the name of Kay who is apprentice to an old, drunken martial arts instructor. By using his various weapons and skills, the feline must take out a faction of rats, gorillas, crocodiles and more, who are disturbing the peace in his village.

After brushing up on his techniques with the tipsy tutor, Kay leaves the once peaceful village and sets out on an adventure that leads him all over the island of Yenching. The formula of this adventure is very similar to that of a Zelda game; explore different areas of the island, eliminate hostile forces and solve puzzles in order to progress further.

Legend of Kay Anniversary features a unique combat system with a variety of different moves that can be performed, as well as a combo meter that fills up as critters are vanquished; this allows Kay to perform some pretty swift combos and immediately jump to enemies with the press of a button. This ability can also be used to traverse paths of Demon Zhong, reaching areas that would otherwise be impossible to get to.

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It is, however, quite noticeable that the base game is outdated. The camera is finicky and doesn't work too well, and the combat system doesn't have the ability to lock on to enemies. The lack of a lock-on feature wouldn't be too bad if the camera didn't auto-adjust itself when moving from one spot to another, throwing the perspective into a weird angle.

The voice acting is also borderline cringe-worthy, and not in a good way! Most of the characters make the game sound like a badly-dubbed anime, with absolutely no enthusiasm or emotion in their voices. That's not to mention the forced Asian accent...

On the other hand, the soundtrack is quite a decent offering, including an epic main theme and several tunes with an Asian feel to them. Although, when Jake Kaufman is on the scene, it's hard to imagine the score being bad!

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Legend of Kay Anniversary lasts for around 12-13 hours, and, despite it feeling outdated, there is still enjoyment to be had here. For those who love adventure games with a splash of action and platforming, it is definitely worth checking out. Likewise, fans of the original will be pleased to know that, other than the visuals getting an upgrade, the game itself remains identical to that of the PS2 version.






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