Runbow (Wii U) Review

By Ian Soltes 10.09.2015

Review for Runbow on Wii U

Finally, a unique and interesting take on both platformers and party games that is fun, inventive, and varied. Runbow relies on a lovely colour scheme, along with a cool and engaging mechanic revolving around it, mixed in with just the right degree of difficulty to make an engaging and all-around pleasant experience.

When it comes to both platformers and party games, it is quite easy to fall into a multitude of traps. Runbow not only manages to avoid these traps, but, instead, manages to outright soar past them due to great design and generally being well-planned. The true beauty of the game, however, comes from how easy it is to pick up and enjoy, while, at the same time, holding a depth worthy of an AA title.

The core, and easily most enjoyable, aspect of Runbow is a rather simple one: Colour. On each level there is a series of colours constantly moving across the screen that cover the entire rainbow. There are also platforms of the same colours dotting each level. When one of the colours passes over a platform of the same colour, the platform will vanish away as if it had never existed.

Screenshot for Runbow on Wii U

Right away, the true majesty of this mechanic is visible, as it makes it so that not only is every level bright, colourful, and enjoyable to look at, but it lends itself wonderfully to the platforming aspects; especially since this mechanic isn't just confined to platforms! Avoiding a series of deadly lasers, for example, can be impossible when a blue colour band is passing by, but by carefully jumping about while remaining inside of a red band of colour, the lasers will pose no threat at all. Ascending a waterfall becomes not a challenge of upwards movement, but, rather, being able to time and place jumps properly so that the platform doesn't vanish away as a new colour of water pours down.

The levels themselves are well designed, as well. Kept short in the single-player, and often focused on only one or two mechanics, they end up being both difficult, but enjoyably difficult. Even failure can prompt a new quick attempt to try and bypass the prior problem.

Runbow also boasts a multitude of modes, ranging from the single-player adventure to a multiplayer mode that can hold up to nine potential players across several different modes. This allows expansion beyond just a single-player experience to show its true power and capabilities as an enjoyable party experience. Its shortcomings, such as how the single-player campaign can be handled fairly quickly, are minor compared to the many potential positives.

Screenshot for Runbow on Wii U

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Runbow is simply a pleasant and enjoyable game. Between the colourful and pleasing levels, good balance in difficulty, and solid multiplayer, it's a joy to play, and is outright beautiful in its simplicity.






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