James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (GameCube) Review

By James Temperton 27.03.2004

007 has been having a hard time of thing lately. Not only have the recent films been insults to the words 'creative media', and since EA got hold of the game licence things have gone a bit oblong shaped. We've had guns that seem to fire out bits of polystyrene, levels that feel like something from a Duplo kit and gameplay that makes you cringe. However, EA are an improving company and maybe, just maybe, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing can provide something to get excited about.

Since 'he who must not be named' was released back on the N64, EA have been releasing iterations of that title with balls on, and some driving sections too. Not wanting to run the risk of killing any hope in a decent Bond game ever gracing consoles again, there have been some major changes made to just about every aspect of the game. In all essence this is the complete Bond. Its got driving sections (admittedly not very good ones, but they're in there), it has stealth sections, it has maniacal shooting sections and it has Bond girls. So just what is missing in the game that seems to have everything? Quite a bit actually...

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Now we have been trying to resist using this review to go on about everything that is wrong about gaming, but we are going to have to delve into one or two problems with this one. The most blatant problem with EoN is poor gameplay and a very casual feeling to affairs. Not in the way the game is made, but the way in which it tries to appeal. There are certain sections when you work your way through a bit of a level and then find yourself being moved along at top speed in order to get you to the next interesting bit. If we were to say this game was a narrow experience we would be edging towards flattery, it is linear. Want to go for an explore? Do something a bit different? Fat chance, if the game doesn't want you to you won't. Indeed, being pushed along on rails is not our idea of fun.

There is one thing that becomes very obvious when you start to play Everything or Nothing, namely it isn't a FPS, this is in fact a third-person-shooter. One massive advantage of this is the sheer enjoyment of being able to see every movement you make and every deliciously Bond-esque step you take. The model EA have created for this title is so like Pierce Brosnan it scares us. To be quite frank we like being able to see who we are, it gives you a greater sense of your surroundings, or at least it would if you could see them properly. For some reason EA seem to have forgotten how to develop a working camera system. Its all ridiculously haphazard. For instance to shoot someone you have to manoeuvre the camera with the C-Stick, hammer a the L-Trigger and hope that you lock onto and fire at the right target. It'll have you reaching for the off button more than a couple of times and lead to numerous deaths that could be easily avoided had EA bothered to do things properly.

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All is well and good when you start off, EoN is something really fresh and exciting. You have shooting levels, stealth levels, intentionally 'on rails' levels, running about hunting for things levels, helicopter battles and driving levels all offering some very well put together missions. Sadly everything is let down by hilariously woeful errors. There are sections were you will fail a mission because you lock onto a guy with a pistol, whilst someone with a far more dangerous weapon pummels you in the back of the head. Sadly there is nothing you can do but get very angry and curse, lots. Then there are the bits where you get stuck in graphics, can't explore, get stuck and have to go all the way back to the start of a level...the list goes on.

Stunningly good presentation and lots of pretty flashy bits can't disguise the fact that this game is brutally average. Having gone slightly insane and completed the vast majority of this game in just a day, we can confirm that the experience is more painful than it is enjoyable. There are all the bond gadgets, and even the inclusion of the shamelessly tacky 'Bond Moment', herein a 007 logo pops up and you are supposed to get very excited. But just what defines a 'Bond Moment', well you can enjoy the fun by exploring (well that's what its meant to be, but all you have to do is go straight on rather than go left) and finding hidden areas. What we find slightly confusing is the point in all of this. Surely, this being a game staring James Bond himself, everything chuffing thing he does is a 'Bond Moment', be it scratching his ass, delivering a classic comedy line or getting his way with some silicone enhanced blonde thing. Pointless, gloriously so, but the fact is so pointless we gave up caring a long time ago.

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The stealth sections are quite nice, we'll admit that. A tap of Z when you are next to a wall will make Bond back up against the wall, and peer around a corner, simply hit the target button and he will jump out and take out any enemies thanks to the element of surprise, afterwards maybe you'll open a door and gain another amazing 'Bond Moment', oh the excitement. Also worth mentioning is Bond's ability to abseil down the side of buildings, its all very cinematic and when you combine it with lots of big explosions and some terrific Bond music if you squint a bit you could almost be James Bond. All of this is helped by EA's very impressive attempts to make this as close to a film as possible. Just in case you hadn't realised this game is not based on a 007 film, but that hasn't stopped the industry giants from roping in Pierce Brosnan, Heidi Klum and Willem Dafoe all offering their vocal talents and even a theme song all of its own, make Everything or Nothing a very complete experience.

Killing people is a bit of a more diverse affair compared to previous EA attempts at 007 'magic'. You can snap necks, shoot with a vast array of guns and even use a mass of gadgets. If it wasn't for the game flaws we might actually be able to recommend it, but when you walk away feeling both annoyed and frustrated you have to wonder if all this effort by EA has been applied to the right areas?

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The superb licence that is James Bond is enough to make this game playable at times, there are plenty of features, and bits and bobs, but poor execution makes this a title that is ultimately flawed. A dull mish-mash of conflicting ideas that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. As a recent Cubed3 visitor commented, EA = Extremely Average.






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