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By Az Elias 06.02.2013 2

Review for Auditorium HD on PlayStation 3

Initially starting off as a Flash game, Auditorium's popularity saw it eventually being enhanced and released on PCs, iOS devices and PSP. It didn't take long before the game made its way over to the PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3 in North America, in the form of Auditorium HD, complete with additional challenges and music. Finally, the title has made its long-awaited launch on the download service in Europe, so has it been worth the wait?

True to the origins of the majority of Flash games, Auditorium HD puts players straight into the action, with no tutorials and instructions as to what the goal really is, save for a display of what the controls are. Such is the simplistic nature of the title, however, that tutorials are unnecessary, allowing players to immediately see how the concept works and what effects they have after a few shifts of the control stick. Auditorium HD is a very creative idea; streams of light particles continuously flow in a particular direction in each stage, and the player must use various pre-determined tools to direct these particles into audio containers, filling them up and allowing the music contained within to play. Each tool is in the shape of a circle, with a symbol indicating what it does. For example, tools with arrows guide the particles in the direction indicated, and tools with a rabbit symbol speed up the flow of particles, pushing them further. The tools can be moved freely around the stage and increased or decreased in size, letting the player experiment on how best to direct the streams of light into the containers.

With each progressing level, puzzles become tougher, and more tools and objects are introduced. Multiple containers with varying colours must be filled by manipulating tools that change the particles into these different colours, and objects such as coloured walls that bounce particles away, and even portals that transport particles across the level, must all be put to use to complete the challenges at hand. Far from easy, the vast majority of stages will really put players' brains to use, but also bring out their experimental side. With the option to choose from a specific number of levels until further ones become unlocked, and no time limits to pile on the pressure, Auditorium HD is a very relaxed type of puzzle game that lets players spend as long as necessary to figure each task out. By messing around and simply seeing what effects each tool has on the streams of light, much of the time it is a case of trial and error before the realisation of the solution comes into play.

Screenshot for Auditorium HD on PlayStation 3

There are always multiple solutions to each scenario, and it comes off as a great achievement once each is figured out. However, the tendency to rely on repeatedly sweeping the particles across the stage quickly by moving certain tools around to fill up specific audio containers does often creep into play, particularly when it becomes increasingly difficult to find a solution. It feels cheap, so it's not something that should be resorted to without some serious attempts at finding the answers using the proper methods of creating perfect paths for the light particles to travel along. More often than not, though, it is easier, and much more satisfying, to resolve each challenge the way the game intends, and of course, not every level allows for this trick to work.

In the transition to PlayStation 3, Auditorium HD has received a wealthy number of all-new puzzles, meaning there is plenty to keep puzzle fans going for a good while, as well as brand new music; the latter of which should be commended highly. Excelling in the musical department, it is a delight to hear some of the symphonies played out as the audio containers fill up, and indeed to listen to the full track once the stage is complete. These melodies encompass a range of different instruments, and evoke various themes - some have an eerie, haunting sound about them, whereas others are jollier. Due to the nature of the game, it is just a shame that the tracks are a bit short and have to come to an end once the next level starts - but that speaks highly of the audio of Auditorium HD. Of equal importance is the visual aspect, where colours of light really make for a very attractive and pretty-looking game; the music and 1080p graphics complementing each other very well.

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It was a long time coming to the PlayStation Network in Europe, but at last, puzzle fans can finally get to experience the joys of Auditorium HD on PlayStation 3 for a brilliant price of £6.49. Melding majestic symphonies and colours together in puzzles that really will test players that like a challenge, Auditorium HD is a delightful, soothing engagement that is absolutely worth looking into for anyone searching for a game to satisfy their puzzle cravings.


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This certainly looks very interesting and something I'd not really heard about until reading your article, Az. I like puzzle style affairs, especially those with an intriguing twist.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

Agreed! Big puzzle fan, and this is definitely a really unique take on the genre. A lot of levels, too, so will keep people going for quite a while. Does get pretty tough, but great fun. Lovely music and visuals, too. With a great price, this is highly recommended.

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