Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax (PlayStation 3) Review

By Thom Compton 05.10.2015 2

Review for Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax on PlayStation 3

Do not, under any circumstances, mess with a fighting gamer's prowess. Anyone who religiously plays Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, Persona Arena, Street Fighter, or BlazBlue is capable of manoeuvring a controller with a ridiculous amount of skill. Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax is definitely ready to join those ranks of games that expect the one with the pad to be great. How does it fare?

One of the many barriers of entry into fighting games is the controls. Read the move list in the pause menu of any of them, and to the uninitiated, it looks like the Six Sigma Green Belt study guide. Needless to say, it's confusing. This is because fighting controls are largely derivative of their old home, the arcade cabinet. Dengeki Bunko largely eschews this. While the controls may be somewhat confusing, they are largely unimportant. One of the sacred taboos in fighting games is when they employ the "button mashing" control scheme. Dengeki Bunko employs this almost to a fault.

New fighting players will enjoy the short barrier of entry, but anyone who likes their controls complicated and thinks Skullgirls is too streamlined is going to find a lot to complain about. The field is 2D, and the controls reflect that. Pressing up allows the character to jump, Square attacks, and so on and so forth. While there are more complicated moves, beating any arcade line requires using none of them. For example, for this review, one storyline was beaten by mashing Square for the duration of every fight until the credits rolled.

Of course, Dengeki Bunko also features various difficulties, although the differences are fairly minute. It also includes various modes, like Score and Time Attack. These are exactly what would be expected by any genre fan, and follow the same formula as they do in any other title. Online play is also available, although, for obvious reasons of the game not being live yet, was not tested. The final mode available is Dual Dreams, which is more of a streamlined Arcade story.

Screenshot for Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax on PlayStation 3

Speaking of the Arcade story, don't get those hopes up too high. It's a wet Hallmark card at its best moments. The voice acting doesn't help much, as it's more of the same old anime voiceovers. It does tend to get downright intolerable at times, but it can be moderately enjoyable. The graphics help all of these shortcomings, but only so far.

The animation is very fluid, but all of the characters look hopelessly bland. The lack of facial features and the abundance of anime tropes galore, the animation looks like it was ripped straight from a Death Note knockoff. When anime clichés aren't around, weird and off-putting sci-fi pretty much stinks up the remainder of the visual landscape. Oh, and a minor grievance, but one nonetheless: the name does include the word "Climax," but when it shows up at the beginning of every fight, it definitely makes it hard to gauge where in the story the player currently is.

Dengeki Bunko's silver lining is its ease of access. It offers rewarding, albeit somewhat repetitive, gameplay for beginners, and a decent roster of additional moves to entice veterans of fighting games. Unfortunately, it also loses the feeling of gratification quickly. One of the more interesting moves, which allows the summoning in of an ally, almost stands out. However, it's unpredictable, and rarely really offers any assistance.

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Don't be put off by Dengeki Bunko or its flaws, but don't set the bar too high, either. It has deeper crevices to find than what's on the service, but it's also only got so many. For the most part, it's a shallow, virtually lifeless fighting game that serves its best doses as an entry into the genre. Beyond that, it falls flat on any other expectations it attempts to meet.









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5 is not a bad score for a game that is basically a huge anime advert and fan service machine.

percy (guest) 18.10.2015#2

i buy the game and well its sucks. i mean
the characters are great and thats the only reason i just fell dessapoint and not sick
1 only 3 rounds. old  gamers like me enjoy play offline figthing games at least for 35 min in 1 arcade mode 3 rounds is too short 5 rounds must to be the minimum
2 the play style is fine i dont use the square smash i use   1, 2, 3 and special move. the graphics are nice and i was in love of the game when i saw dokuro chan like suport
3 the level figth is the real reason why this game STINK is so fcking easy the rival dont even move sometimes, i must to let my oponent kill me 2 times to enjoy the game and it take 1 min to be defeat , in soul calivurV is only 3 rounds but the cpu is hard and i can enjoy the battle with no time limit, but here even with no time limit is sucks i can beat the game in level 5 with only low kicks BORING AS HELL. they do a good animation good music and good playstyle but the dificult and short rounds sucks. same then injustice only 2 round i kick ass so fast. AND ONLINE IS NOT EXCUSE. I DONT NEED TO HAVE INTERNET TO ENJOY A GAME OF $40.
too shame games in this days is sell the crap first and sell the good game latter im sure the next ver of this game will be $40 $80 for a single game. too bad because i go to buy it i just love these game but i wish the next ver got 5 rounds AND HELL level LIKE BLAZBLUE i dont need the new ver THE OLD VER IS 5 ROUNDS MANNY CHARACTERS GOOD DIFFICULT AND GOOD MUSIC KICK ASS THIS FIGTHING CLIMAX is just a joke like MVC3 injustice doa5

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