Adventures of Pip (PlayStation 4) Review

By David Lovato 14.11.2015

Review for Adventures of Pip on PlayStation 4

The platformer is easily one of the oldest genres in gaming, but it's arguably as popular today as it has ever have been. In terms of gameplay, it seems there isn't a whole lot that hasn't been done—developers must tread a fine line between their game fixing what isn't broken, or seeming like a new skin on an older game. Adventures of Pip is made by a team whose members have been involved in industry-leading platformers, and Cubed3 has taken a look at the game on Xbox One and PC, but how is its PlayStation 4 counterpart?

Many games have tried to reinvent platforming. Some have succeeded, many have failed. Adventures of Pip seems to aim for a different approach entirely: take the best aspects of platformers, such as reliance on timing, subtle combat, and mechanics like gliding and wall-jumping, and combine them into something that, from a gameplay standpoint, is perfectly solid, magnificently average, and doesn't do anything wrong, but also doesn't do anything particularly exciting. That in itself would make for an okay game, but the devs behind Pip have offset this with a strong charm and concept.

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The world in Adventures of Pip is retro-inspired, like many modern platformers, but with a unique twist: pixels are wealth. The more pixels a character has, the greater their wealth, and the characters show it, with some being akin to Super Nintendo-like sprites and others looking like something the NES might put out on a bad day. Enter Pip, a lad who consists of only one pixel, throw in some magic to allow him to consist of more pixels, then put him on a quest that gives him different abilities depending on which form (high-pixel or low-pixel) he's in, and Tic Toc Games seems to have found the perfect formula for making this could've-been-average game into something much more.

Screenshot for Adventures of Pip on PlayStation 4

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Gameplay-wise, there isn't a whole lot that Adventures of Pip brings to the table that isn't already upon it, let alone more than plentiful. Where the game succeeds is its story and charm; the concept of pixels as wealth is genius and expertly executed, with the world and characters reflecting the idea. Throw in strong writing and a few wacky hijinks, and Pip quickly becomes a quality title in a genre that's been around the block enough times to collect a plethora of forgettable noise. It's a deceptively simple idea intelligently delivered, and in the end it may not be mind-blowing or genre-bending, but it is charming and fun.


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