Alien: Isolation - The Collection (PlayStation 4) Review

By Izzy Lichi 19.11.2015 3

Review for Alien: Isolation - The Collection on PlayStation 4

Proceeding 15 years after the ominous events that took place on the Nostromo in Ridley Scott's Alien, Amanda Ripley is informed of a device on board the Sevastopol, which contains information on what caused her mother's disappearance. Unfortunately, history repeats itself, and the terrifying Xenomorphs infiltrate the Sevastopol, which Amanda must now escape. With great use of technology, clever stealth mechanics, and the use of the sound sense, another Ripley may manage to escape the perfect organism, while thrilling users and delivering heart-pounding suspense. Cubed3 reviewed the standard version of The Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation last year, but with the release of The Collection, which includes all DLC bundled into one package, the team now looks at the full experience of this first-person survival horror.

For an Alien game, visuals have never looked better. From every direction, there are incredible sci-fi concepts and design. From the space suits, all the way to the recreational facilities, the Sevastopol is a very impressive space station that will keep players busy exploring every nook and cranny for supplies, ammo, files of information, and most importantly, a safe location to prevent the creature's meaty discovery of Amanda's flesh!

The use of lighting is extremely moody and overall stunning. Those who have viewed the original Alien film will feel as if experiencing Ellen Ripley's scenario first hand, thanks to how incredibly done everything is when put together. In addition to that, a special mode is available where users can relive events on the first movie's spaceship, the Nostromo, by selecting the "Crew Expendable" mode on the main menu!

Alien: Isolation provides possibly one of the best frightful experiences within the past decade, and continues to provide bone-chilling emotions throughout the gameplay. Enjoy being trigger happy? Not a wise option. Feel the need to always be sprinting? Death will always entail with a Xenomorph's stinger penetrating right through Amanda's body. Shooting or making any loud noises from running or banging walls will most likely alert the alien. There is no way to take it on, and it will always kill Amanda if it grasps her, so hiding, and walking slowly, or even crouching, is a very recommended strategy any time the radar picks up its movements.

Screenshot for Alien: Isolation - The Collection on PlayStation 4

Luckily, Amanda isn't the only thing on the menu for the alien; other survivors are on board the Sevastopol, as well. Some will even attack Amanda, giving players the option to use them as bait; by using such devices like the "Noisemaker," tossing or placing one safely near other humans will always draw the alien's attention, and thus feed on the victims. Unfortunately for Amanda, the alien is ungrateful and will not befriend her with repeated meals of other humans.

The alien has the capabilities to adapt and learn, which grows to become very difficult for Amanda. For instance, repeated use of the flamethrower against the alien will eventually become less effective, since the alien slowly begins to learn that it cannot be defeated by it. Another example would be things such as loud sounds or even the noisemaker. The alien will gain understanding that it is being toyed with. Ultimately, the best option is simply to stay hidden, and tread lightly, if planning on surviving the Sevastopol nightmare.

Aside from the alien and other surviving humans, one more type of foe resides in the station: the Working Joes. These are synthetic creations designed for corporate working objectives; however, due to unfortunate circumstances, the Working Joes also wish to take a hit at Amanda. Luckily, they are a lot less dangerous than the alien, but can appear in numbers. Sadly, aliens have no appetite for synthetics, so they cannot be used as bait. A jocular instance can happen, where if a Working Joe approaches the alien, it will ask, "Unidentified species. What are you?" as well as a few other strange quips that can be heard.

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Alien: Isolation - The Collection is a more than solid experience. Stellar use of artistry is found in every possible direction of the game. The atmosphere is breath-taking - especially when in space - the alien will strike heart-skipping fear every time it draws near, and the need for resource survival will never end, since ammo supply is low. Plenty of extra game modes are available aside from the main story, such as Survival and Crew Expendable. Players familiar with Resident Evil's Mercenaries mode will be very pleased about the similarities Survival has, since users can control a character of their choosing. It's not likely for anyone to survive the less-than-desirable events of the Sevastopol, but if anyone would be a Ripley.


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Bloody love this game, but I'm bearly anywhere through it 'cause I'm shit scared. Haven't even seen the alien yet. I actually got stuck in the beginning for ages, because I didn't spot the hatch on the floor in one save room -_-

its a long game too.
like about 20 hours.

Probably 40 with how long it takes me to move through a room lol

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