Resident Evil 4 (GameCube) Review

By Adam Riley 29.03.2005 17

Review for Resident Evil 4 on GameCube

There are not many games that have such a massive reputation behind them as Resident Evil does, so when it was announced that the series would become exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube, many people were simply ecstatic. Long gone would the days of being classed as kiddie be. Little did anyone realise that the impact would not be quite as extensive as first imagined. However, with the release of the fourth game in the series, Capcom is determined to let the console go out with an adult bang...

There is a long history surrounding the events of this game, with trouble caused by companies such as the Umbrella Corporation and virus outbreaks that caused zombies to go rampant around Raccoon City, killing anyone that crossed their path. However, things are slightly different this time round, with the President of the USA's daughter being kidnapped. Therefore, it is up to Leon S. Kennedy to head off to a strange Spanish village to rescue her and bring her captor to justice. But, as with most things in games like this, the proceedings prove to be less simple than they first seem...

Many bemoan that the GameCube has a tendency of looking generally weaker than the admittedly far under-powered PlayStation 2, mainly thanks to the fact that games are created with Sony's system in mind and then sloppily ported over to Nintendo's system as an almost after-thought. That is by no means the case with Capcom's latest scare-fest, though, as it has been in development for the GameCube now for many years. Built from the bottom up, Resident Evil 4 takes advantage of all the horsepower the GC can offer up to present the world with the most gorgeous home console title so far in existence. This is nothing like the Resident Evil remake that graced the platform, knocking it for six with its fully-3D environments and amazing cut-scenes that will leave your jaw trailing across the floor. The sense of fear that can be instilled simply by looking at the of the intricate detail is astounding, with red-eyed villagers all the way up to gigantic beasts that come lolloping toward you with the intent of biting you, carrying you off or using a chain-saw to remove your lovely little head. If you ever find another GC game as drool-worthy as this, it will likely be Zelda later in the year.

But none of that would make any difference if there was no audio atmosphere to back it up. But thank goodness RE4 has atmosphere in spades. This is one damn scary game, and anyone who has played Eternal Darkness will attest to how spooky sound effects and background music can be. Capcom has certainly come up trumps here, with gruesome tunes playing as you wander round the creepy villages and cavern-esque locales. Then there is the voice-work, which is pretty amazing – much better than the very impressive Tales of Symphonia. The one and only character that is really out of place has to be the peddler, selling his wares to you in the most annoying ‘mockney’ accent you have heard in a long time. But other than that the vocals are stellar, from the Spanish police, Leon himself to the evil creatures that are causing so much grief. Sound effects are done perfectly to a tee as well, with gunfire, explosions, creaking noises in buildings and general mutterings in the distance from disgruntled villagers. This all adds to a macabre ambience that will leave you trembling when something jumps out at you. In addition, the sound is clever, with breezy wind blowing around you in certain areas, until you move round a corner, sheltering the gales – then the noise fades somewhat and completely disappears when you head indoors. Yet another plus point to be directed toward the genius of Resident Evil 4’s presentation!

In a word, the game is all about 'reactions'. Be it the hordes of rampant villagers, giant bosses, one of the puzzle or just an awkward moment, you will ultimately be relying on the sharpness of your concentration throughout. There will be certain events where you must be so focused, as a boss goes to slam against you and the L+R buttons appear on-screen, indicating you should press them quickly to dodge out of the way, or doing the same when villagers roll a boulder toward your unwitting self. Other situations include watching over Ashley, the President's daughter, shooting the driver of a vehicle careering down a hill straight at you, riding in a power-boat as a beast tries to knock you into the water whilst you attempt to harpoon it, and jumping safely across treacherous gaps. If you are of a nervous disposition, then it is advised to avoid this game; others, jump on board! In addition to these main aspects, there is the wealth of items, weapons and upgrades that can be bought, the ease with which you can navigate menu screens and how when bodies collapse, they do not always disappear, instead leaving vital ammunition, money or health supplies. Playing this gives a feeling of just completing Eternal Darkness and moving to its pseudo-sequel. It has managed to make a convert out of this stubborn mule, perhaps it will change your mind as well...

The first point to consider when opening the DVD-like GameCube case and searching for your lovely little proprietary discs, and that is the fact that there is not just one disc lingering in the case, but two blighters. This should instantly indicate that you are in for quite a long ride, although it could be the case that the game is weighed down by lengthy movie scenes.

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And this is it, the final score for this monumental game...and it was a tough call. However, even for those who despise past RE games will enjoy this, as Capcom has taken the crusty series and shaken it so hard that all of the weaknesses have fallen by the wayside. What is left is not only one of the greatest games for the GameCube, but a classic that stands with the greats of gaming in general. Buy this straight away...

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And there it is, one of the most engrossing GameCube games I have had the pleasure of tinkering with since I got my console on launch day in the UK...Sheer brilliance!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

"Makes the competition look too weak" - lol, how is that anything other than a stregnth.
shows how good a game is when 2 of its main weaknesses are actually stregnth in disguise - great review of a great game

:lol: Yeah, was struggling to find flaws in all honesty :-D Thanks, by the way :Smilie Shame it's fallen heavily this week in the UK charts (down from No.5 to No.18)...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Nice review almost agree with everything you wrote.

You found the word nipple! And you love touching them!

Wait, i thought Rory was writing up the resi 4 review since he won the thing?? :-?
anyway good review nonetheless, confirming wot we already knew, resi 4 is great :-D

anyway, in europe, are you guys getting the limited edition box set thingy??

Fantastic review for a fantastic game. Good job! :-D

A great game that just about diserves that score. I think the previous score of 9.9 was a wee bit too high.

You seem to share my sentiments about this game more or less perfectly Adam. It really is a superb title and it was good to read detailed views on the game from someone I have respect for, top stuff :Smilie

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

You're my hero Jesus.

Anyway, 'cant wait till I get enough cash for this. :-D

I have to say, its a great game. Im not looking forward to completing it, as i know i'll have to go through it again - as it is that good!

I dont think many will wait for the PS2 release though - it could go the way of VJ on PS2 (nowhere!), unless Capcom spend some money this xmas.

Or Sony are prepared to market it themselves, this is a potential advertising dream for the PlayStation.

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

Glad people agree with and are enjoying the review - it's one of the most passionate reviews I've done for a while, in all honesty...You know, rather than feeling like I just had to review it, I really had fun writing about it! :-D

And yes, I really do see Sony marketing this like crazy in time for Christmas :roll:

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

One of the best games ever made then! :Smilie

It certainly is just that, Galv! Coming from an RPG stalwart I was mightily impressed how this different genre gripped me like it has never done before...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Need a freeloader to play this...awesome review 'Raz, I can testify that this game is also amazing. Especially on a big screen. :-D


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An 8 what are you fucking daft.

This is the greatest game ever.

Yes better than Ocarina of Time and Mario allstars.


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