Super Exploding Zoo (PlayStation 4) Review

By Tommy Robbins 30.11.2015

Review for Super Exploding Zoo on PlayStation 4

In a world of massive, 100+ hour, open world experiences, it is sometimes refreshing to step away into smaller game worlds that ask considerably less in the realm of player agency, and, instead, allow for an experience more reminiscent of an era before games got so damn big. Super Exploding Zoo, from Honeyslug, creator of Hohokum, does this with charm and whimsy.

Super Exploding Zoo is a game about explosive animals teaming up to save their eggs from an onslaught of mysterious aliens with a hunger for… yep, EGGS! It's a premise devoid of gravitas and weight, instead provoking humour and providing a gameplay loop with potential for quick sessions or hours of lost time.

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That's where Super Exploding Zoo shines. As a small game experience, the entirety of the title is presented as puzzles that, even assuming multiple attempts, will take around five minutes to complete. As new and more complicated levels are introduced, players assess the alien threat versus the animal's explosive force, as displayed in the U.I. The goal is to utilise unique animal abilities to traverse various terrains and gather more animals, ultimately raising the group's offense until it is greater than that of the aliens. Animal posse formed, charge the aliens, exploding until the threat is eliminated and eggs are safe. It can become addictive quick - a few rounds quickly turning into a few hours.

As pleasing as colourful and whimsical art direction can be, it is, perhaps, one small negative point to be made about the game. Super Exploding Zoo looks and feels like a mobile title. It is playful, and everything works together visually to create a pleasant experience that rides the mediums, never dipping to lows, but, also, offering little in the realm of highs. Art direction is consistent throughout, but does nothing to wow the audience.

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Super Exploding Zoo is a fun, compact experience that offers solace from a world of gigantic AAA games. Cheerful and light, it can lure players in with a playful and effortless gameplay loop that has serious potential to sink in its claws. It's a humorous and fun game, great for killing time at home on PlayStation 4 or out and about on PlayStation Vita.









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