Toki Tori 3D (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Liam Cook 30.11.2015

Review for Toki Tori 3D on Nintendo 3DS

After creating Eggbert for the MSX 2 under the name Fony, several members went on to form the independent studio now known as Two Tribes. Toki Tori was initially a Game Boy Color title published by Capcom, and released near the end of the system's life - effectively making it quite obscure. Back in 2008, Two Tribes released an updated version of this avian adventure for WiiWare, with polished visuals and redesigned stages. Since then, several ports of that title have come into fruition, including additional bonus levels, as well as new control schemes. The latest platform to receive the port treatment is Nintendo's 3DS, but is Toki Tori 3D still as enjoyable of an experience?

Toki Tori 3D is best described as a puzzle platformer, in which the titular character must travel through various environments in order to rescue his egg-dwelling siblings. The first few levels serve as a tutorial, introducing limited-use items like platforms, as well as explaining how to rewind time if a wrong move is made.

More items that shake up the formula are introduced along the way, such as the ability to teleport, a freeze ray which turns enemies into blocks of ice, or traps which can be laid to catch wandering spirits. Each level has a pre-set layout of eggs, and features a specific loadout of items that must be used in order to overcome hazards and obstacles blocking the way. Once all of the eggs have been obtained, Toki Tori will be warped out of the level and taken to the level select screen.

There are four different themed worlds in total, each housing a number of normal, hard, and bonus stages, with some of these having a few solutions, which don't require all items to be used, whereas others rely on trial-and-error, with only one route to take. Thankfully, this is made a lot more streamlined thanks to the time rewinding mechanic that can activated.

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Toki is controlled with the D-pad, whilst the A button is used for items, X for rewinding time, and the shoulder buttons for cycling between the available items. Furthermore, the touchscreen has virtual buttons for each item, as well as access to the set of the time-manipulating functions.

Note that In terms of features exclusive to the 3DS, it's a bit of a barebones release. It does feature stereoscopic 3D, which makes the environments look even more beautiful, but the ability to control the game with the touchscreen as it was introduced in the Wii U version isn't present.

Fortunately, Toki Tori 3D does include all of the content from previous iterations, making this a definitive edition for those who only own Nintendo's handheld - and besides that, this title looks and performs exactly the same here as it does on other platforms, making it an ideal choice for playing during car journeys or lunch breaks.

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Whilst there isn't anything in terms of new content, everything present from the previous releases is included here as well, along with the additional bonus levels added to the Steam edition. For anyone who hasn't experienced the colourful world of Toki Tori before, it's hard to not recommend this version, especially due to the fact that its price is similar to an espresso at Costa. In conclusion: there's not much more that needs to be said, other than the fact that this is the same great game, now available in 3D!


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