Dementium Remastered (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Albert Lichi 02.12.2015

Review for Dementium Remastered on Nintendo 3DS

Dementium: The Ward was one of the first survival horror titles on the DS, gaining a cult following and spawned an even better sequel in Dementium II. What was originally pitched to Konami as Silent Hill for DS, but turned down, became an animal all its own, as Renegade Kid set out to make what is still one of the more impressive first-person games on the DS hardware. Seven years later, the team has now remastered the original Dementium, which takes advantage of the improved specs of the 3DS system. With Dementium Remastered, Renegade Kid once again sets monsters loose in the halls of Redmoor, and Cubed3 must survive the nightmare.

Dementium Remastered is quite possibly the best example of how to do a first-person game on the 3DS. The control scheme is pretty much the same as it always was on the original game on DS, but now with a Circle Pad, which makes it possible to make more nuanced movements. Owners of the "New" 3DS model, with the built-in second analogue nub, will be able to enjoy the standard twin-stick first-person shooter-style controls, which also has sensitivity options so that Dementium Remastered is sure to have a set-up that will please anyone. It is very convenient to have so many useful control options, but nothing quite beats the standard touch screen and stylus scheme, which grants unparalleled accuracy at the cost of a stiff wrist.

Story and content-wise, Dementium Remastered is almost identical to the original DS game. Renegade Kid chose to make this remaster a very straightforward one that stays utterly true to the original for better and worse. Thankfully, the original game was already a solid one, but some things, like the way enemies instantly vanish when they die, or that the puzzle solutions are the same as before, seem like Renegade Kid could have put in a bit more effort. It is also disappointing that the 3D effect is not applied to any of the pre-rendered CG cut-scenes, so expect sudden instances of flatness.

The new visuals are quite impressive; new models and textures make Redmoor feel more threatening than ever and the liquid fluid-like 60 frames per second keeps the action feeling as visceral as possible. It's unfortunate that not many first-person games are made on the 3DS, since the stylus controls prove to be just as efficient as a mouse.

The notepad feature returns and still proves to be an asset when solving puzzles and making notes. This aspect seems like such a natural inclusion for a survival horror game, since it allows the developers to come up with more creative or challenging puzzles, and a notepad that can be easily accessed can immerse users into the setting.

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Dementium Remastered's atmosphere truly shines in the sound and music department, and the game's origins as a Silent Hill title become most apparent here; there is even a very distinctive radio static sound that definitely wouldn't be out of place if heard in Brookhaven Hospital. What was a sanitarium has now become an abattoir swathed in gore, where the halls are infested with large carnivorous maggots, screaming witch heads and fat demons with cleavers; this is where Dementium Remastered abandons Silent Hill and adopts aspects from Quake.

The environment is pretty much just the hospital, and it can be a bit tiring to always be staring down long hallways and constantly switching out between flashlight and weapons. There are a few standout locations, but, generally, the game is always pretty dark and will be throwing enemies at any given situation. Thankfully, the puzzles and threatening bosses peppered throughout help keep Dementium varied and interesting.

It can be surprising to see such alarmingly graphic imagery on the 3DS, since there truly is nothing else quite like this game on the platform, and it can sometimes seem like Renegade Kid is just winging it, with no real attention given to things like story or plot. The premise of Dementium Remastered (like before) couldn't be simpler: protagonist wakes up wearing only a hospital gown and must find a way out of the labyrinthine infirmary. From the intro, the title does not hold any hands, and puts all responsibility on the user to figure out puzzles, find keys, and unlock weapons, with little interruption or even much story at all. The plot does not have much presence during the game's short run time of about four to five hours, and only truly picks up at the final minutes. Till then, players are on their own trying to fight or flee their way out of Redmoor.

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For $14.99, Dementium Remastered is a bit steep for a game that is pretty short and has very little replay value. The puzzle solutions and bosses are identical to the original, and the overall campaign takes place in only one location. Even though it's priced a bit high, this is a recommended game that does come highly polished and has some legit creepiness to it, thanks to the gritty and foreboding atmosphere. There just aren't many first-person games in general on the 3DS, other than Renegade Kid's own Moon Chronicles and Dementium Remastered - both of which are only available on the eShop. The original Dementium: The Ward paved the way for the superior sequel, and this remastering shows just what can be done with 3D first-person horror games on the 3DS. Hopefully, the team at Renegade Kid will continue its efforts in this genre, because these developers have shown a trend of improving their technology with every instalment, and the 3DS needs more games like this.


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