Invisible, Inc. Contingency Plan (PC) Review

By Thomas Wrobel 08.12.2015

Review for Invisible, Inc. Contingency Plan on PC

Invisible, Inc. Contingency Plan is a fully integrated DLC to Cubed3's well-reviewed strategy, Invisible, Inc., which, instead of just adding an extra campaign at the end, it expands its original campaign in the middle, as well as beefing up many other gameplay elements; like new characters, skills, obstacles and side-missions, amongst others. It's Invisible, Inc., but more so - and that's no bad thing.

By far and away, the group with the most to benefit from Contingency Plan is any completely new players. Invisible, Inc.'s original campaign was rather on the short side - essentially its only real criticism - and this add-on addresses that fact. An already good game is made all the better, providing a longer, more meaty experience - all for only a relatively small extra fee.

By comparison, veterans of the original might be a bit disappointed with having a story extension in the middle, rather than getting to see what happens after the ending. Indeed, the first game's story was so slickly presented that some players might also have been happy with an animated spin-off series (*cough*).

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Story aside, however, Invisible, Inc.'s procedural nature and wide breadth of content made it intensively replayable to begin with. No single play-through could scratch the surface of content even before this expansion, so playing it again is no chore to those that only completed it once or twice before. In fact, it's the sort of title gamers might take a break from, only to come back again to it many times, making it significant value for money.

Aside from the aforementioned campaign changes, the DLC also includes new agents and skills, many of these (such as the mobile teleportation unit), add new tactical options, rather than merely being variations of what's seen before. One new unit even has somewhat vampiristic augmentations that let the agent steal random abilities from guards - giving a pleasing unpredictable bonus to any successful encounter.

To go with the players expanded options, however, the corporation they are up against all have additional unit types too, therefore, the game hasn't got any easier… just more diverse, and, in conclusion, it remains both an intensive and challenging experience throughout.

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It's hard to think of any downsides to this DLC. For those that liked Invisible, Inc., this is simply more of it, and for squad-based strategy fans there's even more reason to get it now. The only group to whom this might not be too appealing, is the one that has thoroughly burned out on the original the first time. Contingency Plan is a solid package, but those that have seen everything that Invisible, Inc. had to offer, it's probably not going to be enough to make them come back.


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