Out There: Omega Edition (PC) Review

By Eric Ace 14.12.2015

Review for Out There: Omega Edition on PC

Out There: Omega Edition is an interesting blend of gameplay that has heavy rogue-like elements set in a future where players must control a space ship managing resources, as they attempt to return back to earth. It primarily revolves around keeping the ship alive while slowly upgrading it and exploring a long network of stars to the final goal. It starts off very cool, but the utter randomness and ultimately boring "chore" of the game removes many instances of fun.

Out There has markings of a great indie game; the art style is cool with its cel-shading, the protagonist seems relatable, the goal seems impossible, and the atmosphere is solid. Initially, it is fun, if not frustrating, that the learning curve is literally a "You made a mistake; die and start over" style that likely should have been softened or included instructions beyond a basic tutorial. At its root it is about managing three resources of fuel, air and hull - unfortunately, it never gets very deep beyond this.

This is a pure rogue-like, meaning each planet system is different every time, and every encounter is random - everything that happens is random. The ship must be moved between systems, which slowly drain the fuel, and occasionally lose hull; going to planets to either mine for ore, fill up air, or get fuel is how the resources are kept high. Occasionally, items such as parts to build new ships or modules can be found.

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At first, the wonder of the universe is cool. Finding new ships, keeping those gauges off zero - it adds a good tension. Then the reality of the game slowly grinds down, though. It is simply too random; playing perfectly can still result in being killed, and at its root it is simply a pattern of mine air, mine fuel, mine ore, and repeat, with very little depth or change, and no new motivation. There is never a sense of progress or of getting somewhere.

This is really too bad, as the feeling of isolation and hopelessness is fairly good, and the freedom of this hostile universe can be enjoyed. There is nothing to hold onto, though. It's not that there is a present tension that is slowly crawled out of; it's a repetitious cycle that, even done well, is only one random event from being game over. Even rogue-like fans will find the experience frustrating, despite some interesting and unique aspects.

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Out There: Omega Edition has interesting elements of a survival story set in space, with light elements of upgrading and moving forward, but the ultimately random nature mixed with the fundamental problem that mining resources over and over becomes dull is hard to recommend.


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