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By Ian Soltes 13.01.2016 10

Review for Sakura Swim Club on PC

The name is basically all that needs to be known to know if Sakura Swim Club will be worth purchasing. It's a visual novel that is meant for basically only one purpose, with little-to-no reason to play it otherwise… and even that has been limited thanks to Steam.

Describing Sakura Swim Club is difficult, not because of the game, which is fairly flat and straightforward, but because it was meant for adults and must be carefully tip-toed around for proper reviewing. A simple and short visual novel, it follows the story of 'Generic Guy' as he adjusts to a new school environment. His problem? He's unmotivated and uninterested with the world. Forced to pick a club GG opts to go for the swimming club; a club that consists of only two female members and has developed an infamous reputation. Upon arriving he meets up with 'Tsundere' and 'Sweet Girl,' and various things start to follow.

This visual novel is not good. The primary reason is because it was meant for one purpose and one purpose alone. As a result the characters are flat, and the story is little more than a token piece meant to tie everything together - often tripping over itself in order to add comedic and "romantic" moments at seemingly random times. At one point, for example, GG has 'Tsundere' and 'Sweet Girl' over at his house when the later one notices that GG has a game console. In her attempts to utilize it certain hijinks ensue that seem impossible for multiple reasons, and were clearly included simply to have said hijinks.

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As a visual novel it ends up being quite lacking, as the choices are, few and almost never all that deep (at best). There is a bit of a plot and story involving GG and how he will adapt to the new school and handle his overbearing parents, yet it's never all that tense and the conclusions are fairly obvious. The plot is flat with no real twists or turns, the characters are archetypes through and through, but at least, if there's one redeeming feature that is that, as a piece of a certain… genre, it's decently acceptable.

While clearly not on par with more thought out pieces and certainly underwhelming, there isn't actually something 'wrong' with Sakura Swim Club. The art is decent enough, the story, while clumsy, is not really the main focus, and the characters, while obvious recycled clichés with little deviation, are also not really bad or all that groan-worthy. The problem is that it targets a specific niche and makes no attempt to deviate from it, become deeper, or even try a bit harder. While that does keep it from becoming frustrating, it also means that it's simply flat through and through. It has one place and it is more than glad to stay there.

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Those who are interested in Sakura Swim Club will likely know already what it is and have their minds decently made up about if it should be purchased or not. As a visual novel it's flat and basic, but it does manage to avoid being frustrating and isn't really 'harmful' in any way for its audience. People not interested in this "genre" will be just fine skipping it, as it holds no desire to deviate from it.


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I should add that there IS a way around the Steam Censors in a manner similar to what Lauren the Amazon Princess did. However that doesn't change that, on the whole, it's... well... The name says pretty much everything you need to know.

Ha, so its an eroge, yet steam censors it?  Whats the point?

I feel that any sort of compelling gameplay or engaging story simply distracts from the real purpose of these types of games. There are many great visual novels and other gameplay focused games if you need that type of fulfillment.

It does make it hard, yes. I don't know myself as I haven't played any but... Anyone buying this is either going to be coming for the (weak) story or going to be coming to patch it up for the other purpose. Well... It's CALLED SAKURA SWIM CLUB! All you need to know about if you want it or not can be summed up in the title.

It does make it hard, yes.

Oi oi!! Smilie


Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

Adam Riley said:

It does make it hard, yes.

Oi oi!! Smilie


...and there goes the tip-toeing around it Smilie

( Edited 14.01.2016 18:05 by Ofisil )

Can't a fella drink in peace?

I...just...watched one of the uncensored videos... Smilie Smilie

( Edited 14.01.2016 19:49 by Adam Riley )

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

PMD said:
I feel that any sort of compelling gameplay or engaging story simply distracts from the real purpose of these types of games. There are many great visual novels and other gameplay focused games if you need that type of fulfillment.

I certainly disagree with you. An engaging story is NEEDED for me to even be slightly know what... about the characters in the game. Eroge or not. I need more than bodies to feel anything at all for a character. I need a spirit, a soul. Something beautiful and deep to feel for... :/

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

For either point the story is basic and little more than justification for what happens and... *cough* needs a patch. However it IS at least harmless for what it is and can be at least somewhat pleasant and a patch DOES exist, even if it's not found on Steam.

Aquacure (guest) 18.01.2016#10

I dunno, I see no "flatness" here.

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