Eternal Journey: New Atlantis (PC) Review

By Adam Riley 27.04.2013

Review for Eternal Journey: New Atlantis on PC

Continuing on from Cubed3's recent foray into the world of interactive literature (The 39 Steps) and traditional Hidden Object puzzle fun (The Pyramid: Between the Worlds II), it is time for another look at something aimed at the more casual market, this time more of a traditional style point-and-click adventure. Step up to the plate, Eternal Journey: New Atlantis...

Point and click to move around, zoom in to investigate certain elements, and collect all sorts of items for use at other times. The core aspects are not always jumbled together successfully, but when everything flows smoothly, these core components can make for some delicious brain teasing entertainment. Ukrainian developer Five-BN has taken a great stab at the genre and it is clear why five years after its initial inception it was snapped up by Alawar Entertainment in order to become one of its internal teams focusing on casual releases. Basically, Eternal Journey New Atlantis is a fine example of the world that appeals so much to the masses.

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Venturing from outer-space on Mars down into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Eternal Journey: New Atlantis takes players through 70 different locations that can all be explored in all manner of ways. From trying to discover how best to utilise various items collected along the way with surroundings to progress, to cracking 15 enjoyable mini-games and completing 10 hidden object scenes, this scenario has been seen so frequently that reading the details regarding the game may put people off. After all, why play the same sort of game again?

Well, this plays very smoothly for the most part, with ease of navigation a key to ensuring frustration does not kick in. There are a few instances of not quite knowing where to go next, but this is overcome for the most part by the handy map feature that highlights where players can go next after certain events have transpired. Rather than having to traipse around, clicking on everything in sight, this little nudge in the right direction is an extremely welcomed addition on the road to solving the archaeological puzzle that is the origin of Atlantis. Everything is also helped along by some surprisingly impressive cut-scenes that up the ante on the production front. With some extras thrown in for the Collector's Edition, such as wallpapers, a strategy guide and concept art, this is definitely good value for money.

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Rated 7 out of 10

Eternal Journey: New Atlantis smartly mixes the worlds of traditional PC adventures with a smattering of logic puzzles and seek-and-find scenarios. There are some flaws in terms of clarity of progression, but as far as budget games of this ilk go, with better-than-average presentation values and a fair chunk of gaming goodness included, this is a worthy journey indeed.









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