Zen Pinball 2: Balls of Glory Pinball (PlayStation 4) Review

By Josh Di Falco 02.02.2016

Review for Zen Pinball 2: Balls of Glory Pinball on PlayStation 4

Zen Studios has continued to inject a fresh dose of gameplay into each of the table packs that have been released for Zen Pinball 2, and Balls of Glory sees four new tables enter the fray. This one brings to life four animated sitcoms from 20th Century Fox Television, featuring Seth McFarlane's Family Guy and American Dad, and accompanied by Bob's Burgers and Archer. Each of the shows feature one table, and they all bring something new to the game of pinball, as they attempt to add a small amount of flavour that the shows have instilled into modern day television.

The Family Guy table is the easiest of the four to keep the ball in play for a large portion, whilst racking up many points. The table contains four ramps and an outer ring that runs along the edge of the table, with two inner rings situated on the left and right sides. The right inner ring contains the bumpers that are designed to push the ball away, and is a perfect way to score large points due to the confined corridor that the bumpers are in. Peter, Stewie and Brian stand around the table and spill lines from the hit show that any fan would appreciate. This table is notable for having the easiest multi-ball, which begins after hitting Ernie the Giant Chicken a few times. The three aforementioned main characters, with Lois, Chris and Meg have missions attached to them that are simple to complete, upon which bonuses are then given.

The Bob's Burgers table is tougher than the first, mainly because it does not have a lot of space in order to give the ball the required speed in order to make it up the ramps. This poses an issue because it causes awkward ball outs. The table consists of five lanes, with most of them leading to the upper level, where another flipper sits. The stage is a twisting, winding table that keeps the action fast-paced due to the tight-knit level design. The objectives of this stage are to make the burger orders for the clients, with an assortment of mini-games. There is also a cool day and night setting, with some mini-games being specific to that time of day. While the Belcher family takes the centre on the table, the family is also present in the form of 3D character models. Well, all except Tina. Again, the table has references from the show that fans will appreciate.

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The third table is based on the show Archer, and like Bob's Burgers, this stage is also close-knit. The main issue for the small size is due to Archer's car parked on the right side. While it is required in order to activate some of the table's objectives, the car blocks off some sections on this side of the table, and while the stage does open up once objectives are completed, it does aid in the difficulty of the stage. Harder than Bob's Burgers, this table requires a lot of patience in order to try to master the stage, but while it is the most difficult, it also has the most creative missions of the pack. Without spoiling anything, this table is the one to play due to the missions themselves. However, it does mean having to hear "Don't use the nerve gas" repeatedly, which is quite annoying.

American Dad rounds up the Balls of Glory pinball pack, and like the Family Guy table, this one is also quite open, with a variety of lane ways and ramps. Out of the four tables, this one racks up quite a lot of points due to all of the bonuses scattered across it. As has been the theme across the tables in this pack, this is also rich of references from the show. While Stan and Francine are on show on the table, Avery Bullock takes the centre stage here, with many of the missions revolving around him. Like Archer, this stage is also quite creative with the mini-games, and is definitely worth playing through in order to experience them all.

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The Balls of Glory pinball pack brings to life four of the top animated sitcoms, and they each contain a variety of unique mini-games that fans of the shows will enjoy. For pinball fans, these stages bring the right amount of challenge to the game, although, at times, it may feel unfair when a ball enters the outlane. Zen Studios has done an amazing job in bringing the TV shows to life in this bundle, but for maximum enjoyment, it does require knowledge of the shows that the tables are based on. While the layout isn't quite up to par with some of the other tables that Zen Pinball 2 has to offer, the Balls of Glory pack provides plenty more hours of enjoyment.


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