Picross e5 (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By André Eriksson 11.02.2016

Review for Picross e5 on Nintendo 3DS

It's another round in the Picross e series and it has everything fans of nonogram puzzles can expect, with puzzles ranging in difficulty from beginner-friendly to the advanced Mega Picrosses. Following a recent look at Picross e4, is there enough to impress in Picross e5?

The classic picture puzzles are back once again to entertain in digital format. While titles such as Mario's Picross and Pokémon Picross have their specific charm towards gamers and newcomers, for pure fans of Picross, these oddities offer very little to their experience. That is the sweet spot Picross e5 is here to fill - a pure, clean, traditional Picross.

Picross e5 is a mish-mash of mostly traditional Picross puzzles in different sizes, difficulties and flavours, catering to any kind of solver. Newcomers will enjoy the almost tutorial-like first couple of puzzles that ease them into the action, while the hardcore group will enjoy the tougher selections that exist in a range of sizes, designed with quick-burst or longer play sessions in mind.

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Besides variety, another great asset with this bundle is the sheer number for the price. With over 150 to solve, the price tag of £4.50 is very cheap considering the cost of magazines that provide paper-based conundrums.

Those new to the genre, and veterans, alike, will find things to enjoy with Picross e5; however, if there isn't already an interest for these puzzles, the game does little to hook new people without curiosity for the Picross phenomenon. This is excusable, though, thanks to the great execution of the product, and the high number of puzzles and ease of replaying them. Fans of traditional Picross need look no further than this and the rest of the Picross e series.

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While Picross e5 doesn't offer much more than pure Picross puzzles, the sheer number, variety, and quality of the mindbenders offered, combined with great execution and features only possible on electronic devices, make this a very worthwhile product, especially when taking into account its low price point. Many traditional Picross challenges are offered, along with some special variants, such as Mega Picross and Micross, to help spice up the experience. These factors make it easy to recommend Picross e5 to both new and experienced fans, but there are few interesting hooks to attract fresh faces.


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