Gravity Rush Remastered (PlayStation 4) Review

By Az Elias 29.02.2016 3

Review for Gravity Rush Remastered on PlayStation 4

Four years ago, a few months after the launch of the PlayStation Vita, a title came along that immediately established itself as one of the reasons to splash out on Sony's newest handheld console. Even today, Gravity Rush remains in the top batch of games available for it, but the lacking sales of the device have meant quality releases like Project Siren's adventure have not reached a deserved bigger audience. With Bluepoint Games on-board, Gravity Rush Remastered flies onto PlayStation 4 in the hopes of rectifying this and setting some hype in motion for the sequel due later this year.

Although Gravity Rush Remastered still has that "handheld feel" about it, mainly due to the comic book style storytelling and plentiful quick-fire side missions, this former PS Vita exclusive has made an exceptional transition to the PlayStation 4, where Bluepoint Games has, once again, delivered tenfold.

It's remarkable how much of a difference there is between both versions, and it is all the more impressive when taking into account how vastly inferior the resolution and graphics of the original title are. Previously flat textures are now rendered in 3D polygons, lighting sources are enhanced dramatically, an all-around smoothness exists across all characters thanks to strong anti-aliasing, and newly-built geometry breathes new life into the city of Hekseville. This is what is expected of the porting masters at Bluepoint, and even though it isn't perfect - draw distance is limited and there are some murky textures around - with what the team has had to work with, and the results that are on show, it demonstrates why the developer is so in demand.

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In this lively steampunk city is Kat, a gravity shifter that wakes up in a district with no memories of who she is or what she is doing there. With a black cat at her side that she names Dusty, Kat is able to enter zero gravity and effectively go wherever and do whatever she likes, gliding and falling through the air and walking sideways, upside-down and any way in-between and around the buildings of the floating island. She quickly puts her talents to use by helping the citizens of Hekseville, realising that this mysterious place is under threat from gravity storms that are looking to swallow the city whole, having had parts of it disappear into the abyss already.

What emanates is a delightful storyline, with the loveable Kat at the helm, whose charming and curious personality keeps things comical and light-hearted in the midst of what is a calamitous series of events. Chapters don't last too long, but each stage and piece of the story flows neatly to the next, with just enough of a little teaser to provoke playing the next portion of the main quest. Gravity Rush's world is left purposefully ambiguous, but this only adds to the inquisitiveness that arises from flying around this unnatural place, as both Kat and the player learn and discover at the same rate.

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Battling the Nevi threat - shadowy monsters with glowing orbs that indicate their weak spots - is a lot more free-flowing on PS4. There is no need to tap and swipe on a touch screen to attack or evade, even though dodging with swipes is still an option on the DualShock 4's touchpad, since every command is now comfortably mapped to buttons. Coupled with the doubling of the frame-rate, combat is so much smoother in general, giving a better impression of Kat's flexible and wavy motions both on and off the floor, letting her live up to her namesake. Even gliding and using the zero gravity abilities is incredibly natural, and the motion controls of the DualShock 4 can be utilised if preferred, which work suitably well. This isn't a difficult game, and it is possible to revert to using the same moves when dealing with various enemies, so it's often a good idea to try mixing it up with attacks not often employed - especially the stasis field that picks up nearby objects and allows them to be launched at foes.

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A simple character progression system is in place, where Kat can spend collected gems found throughout each location or won in challenges to boost her gravity time limits, attack power, special moves, and plenty more. With the gems dotted around here, there, and everywhere, there is definitely a case of "3D collectathon platformer" tucked in here. This is rather optional, it must be said, since gems can be won easily enough in missions and will be picked up naturally throughout the adventure, but it's worth pointing out for anyone with a penchant for some classic collectathon antics.

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Gravity Rush may have been the must-play game on PS Vita, but in coming to PS4, it is now one of the top titles on that system, as well. Each platform has its selection of games everyone needs to experience, and Gravity Rush Remastered is one of those. It doesn't last too long, but from start to finish this is a joyous romp, featuring a charming set of characters in a fascinating world, with fluid, mesmerising gravity-based gameplay that controls that much better on PS4. Packed-in DLC content and fun side missions with online leader boards add to the already excellent value, so make no mistake in picking this one up and preparing for Gravity Rush 2.

Gravity Rush Remastered (as well as other games in the series) can be bought from in disc format today, or credit can be bought for the PlayStation Network, along with many other great digitally released titles on the likes of Nintendo's eShop, on PC via Steam, and so on, across all regions.

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When I get a PS4, this is one of the first games I'll be getting. Would have got it on Vita, but after I heard it was coming to PS4, I'd much rather play it on the big screen and better controller.

Gravity Rush is fantastic! I can't wait for the sequel!

Couldn't quite get into it on Vita, with the touch controls and stuff. Glad I got the chance to play it on PS4, because it's a lovely game. Defo looking forward to GR2 now.

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