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By David Lovato 06.03.2016 1

Review for Cities: Skylines - Snowfall on PC

Cities: Skylines took the world by storm, and the first expansion, After Dark, was a smooth addition, if a little sparse on actual content. The latest expansion to the city builder is Snowfall, which brings the elements of heat and cold into the mix, complete with graphics to match.

Like After Dark before it, Snowfall's changes are subtle at first. Loading up an existing file might result in no visible changes, but things become clear once citizens start complaining about the cold. Temperature is now embedded in the game's UI, and to keep citizens warm, pipes must be upgraded to allow for hot water to flow, as well as connected to a building that can produce heat. From a gameplay standpoint, that's about the only thing that changes; existing save files will take a huge hit to the in-game wallet to upgrade the water system, or else citizens will be upset while they slowly freeze. A few other minor tweaks exist, like trams and new messages given out by citizens, but the heat system is the main draw of Snowfall.

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The other big change brought on is the update in graphics. Some of the maps include snowy landscapes, and when it snows, citizens will go out less, which can have subtle effects on gameplay and the economy. Roads must be kept clear of snow, another nice touch. While this is sleek and beautiful, it's also locked to these specific maps, and existing cities will get cold but never snow, while cities built in the snow maps won't ever see summer. It's an odd choice, and unlike the new mechanics, doesn't make much sense.

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Cities: Skylines - Snowfall adds some features that make sense and look nice, but for the price, there's just not much content here. The graphical updates are beautiful, but the content is severely lacking—those loading an existing file are likely to just dump all of their money into new pipes, while players starting anew can just build hot water pipes from the gate and might not know anything was even added. The changes make sense (excluding locking weather to certain maps) and they work well enough, but are so slight as to be almost offensive for their price tag.


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Still probably gonna buy it once I get my first paycheck. If only because, well, I like the REAL Simcity.

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