NekoPara Vol. 2 (PC) Review

By Athanasios 13.03.2016

Review for NekoPara Vol. 2 on PC

It's hard to understand the popularity of the NekoPara series (especially when you are more of a dog person), because, frankly, all there is to it is cat-girls; magnificently-drawn, cute, and at times sexy (and horny) cat-girls, but nothing more than that. The plot of NekoPara Vol. 1? Look at cat-girls doing cat-girl stuff, have sex with them… and that's it. NekoPara Vol. 0? Pretty much the same, but shorter, and with no sex. Will NekoPara Vol. 2 be any different?

The same way the original focused on Chocola and Vanilla, NekoPara Vol. 2 revolves around Azuki and Coconut. Who are these cuties, though? The answer is: the pet cat-girls of the Minazuki family, and, more specifically, of Kashou Minazuki, the lucky chap who happens to live in a world where it's possible to own nekos, and… have 'fun' with them.

It's a beautiful world to be in. Sure, many of the locales, CG, and even the music that plays in the background, is not exactly new material, but, yeah, the girls look great, their colourful costumes are very detailed, and their shenanigans (which are usually presented with a chibi look), are über cute. The thing is, though, that there's not anything else to do here.

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This is a kinetic novel, therefore, besides being able to make the girls jump-and-bounce and pet their heads, as well as… the rest of their equipment, just prepare a hot glass of chocolate, and read on for about five hours. What happens during that time? Same old, same old. Chocola and Vanilla play the role of the straightforward kittens, Cinnamon constantly has a dirty mind, Shigure's brother complex is worsening (or is that improving?) with every passing second; they fight, they cry, they cook, they make a mess, they get aroused, and so on.

While similar to the first title, the developer has finally given some effort to craft better characters, or, to be more precise, one. Despite her being the typical "onee-san" girl, Coconut is probably the only one who feels more like a caring human being, and less like a horny cat - which contrasts quite nicely with her mature demeanour and sexy attire. Of course, all the talking here is just the prelude for some scenes of hot steaming interspecies sex - implied sex, that is, since there's no actual nudity in the Steam version.

Why the negativity, though? NekoPara Vol. 2 doesn't pretend to be a deep visual novel; it's just a place to enjoy the everyday pleasure of living with a bunch of sexy nekos and nothing more, right? Not really, because, like with the original, this is not as funny as it should be; it is mostly cute - and no one in their right mind would spend money just to enjoy a videogame that offers just that... Right?

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The term "slice-of-life" is no excuse for a lack of plot, a lack of well-developed characters, and a 50% lack of new graphics and tunes. That being said, NekoPara Vol. 2 is probably the best of the three titles so far (but only by a tiny margin), since it actually has a character that's somewhat likeable, because it's slightly more funny and less serious, and due to the fact that it has a more balanced length for what's offered.




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