Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Renan Fontes 17.03.2016

Review for Mutant Mudds Super Challenge on Nintendo 3DS

In a world dominated by mutant mud monsters, only one boy can stand up to face against them: Max. Armed with a jetpack and a gun with infinite ammo, he sets out on the journey of a lifetime, shooting monsters, collecting coins, and overcoming super challenging platforming. Intentionally difficult and filled with precious jumping and well timed manoeuvres, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge sets itself up for greatness by being a rewarding platformer, while simultaneously setting itself up for failure by being too self-indulgent in its own challenge. The question is, though, where does it ultimately fall?

The most important point worth noting about Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is the feel of Max's controls. Character feel is an incredibly important feature to nail just right, especially in a platformer as precise as this. Max moves at a relatively quick pace, which is necessary for beating the four-minute time limit on each level. His jumps are just high enough to get to new heights, but they aren't enough to get through the whole adventure. Max's jetpack allows him to gain a quick burst of air before plummeting back to the ground. It lasts for only about a second, but it proves itself as an incredibly important tool for the entire game.

The trickiest aspect to Max's control is his gun. It controls perfectly fine and all shots register in a timely manner, but the enemy placement is so cleverly done that simply firing won't kill most Mudds. Instead, short jumps must be made to position Max properly in order to get rid of most enemies.

With an overall very mindful control scheme, Max feels great for the world he's in, especially when taking into account the thorough design of each level. Utilising depth of field, Max traverses through the background and foreground of nearly every stage. The foreground shoves the camera incredibly close to the main man, demanding quick, reflex-based platforming, while the background has a greater field of vision, necessitating more thoughtful and puzzle-based jumping skills. By combining these two ideas together, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge creates a dynamic four-minute world for every stage Max goes through.

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Even though the whole package is wonderfully crafted, the difficulty does get on the frustrating side. Too often does it feel like obstacles are difficult for the sake of being difficult, instead of for the sake of teaching a new mechanic or to offer an intellectual challenge.

Deaths will happen, and they will happen with frequency. Stages are short enough where it never really feels like much progress is lost, and there are checkpoints for the longer ones, but nothing feels more discouraging than dying at the same part over and over again.

Despite the almost unforgiving difficulty, there's a genuine rewarding feeling at the end of each stage. Clearing a level is, in itself, a great feat. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge isn't the kind of game that eases in with beginner and tutorial levels; instead, it starts out guns blazing, and while this may seem overwhelming at first, it's ultimately for the best, as it demonstrates that the levels Max goes through are the levels the developers really wanted in.

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Despite being incredibly hard and, at times, even frustrating, it's also incredibly fun. Max controls superbly well, and the use of depth in each stage lends itself up for solid, thoughtful level design. It certainly isn't for everyone, being overall very overwhelming, but with enough patience and mastery, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge quickly becomes an addictive pick-up-and-play experience. With enough content and replay value to last a solid dozen hours, Max's latest adventure deserves a spot in any 3DS library.


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