Picross e6 (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Az Elias 24.03.2016

Review for Picross e6 on Nintendo 3DS

If there is one company to count on to bring Picross puzzle goodness to the world, it's Jupiter. Now on the sixth instalment of the Picross e series, the Nintendo 3DS has not been short on these mind-testing, tile-turning brainteasers, and the fact that this is number six in such a simple puzzle franchise shows the popularity of it all. There is no question this is more of the same, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

At this point, there really isn't much to say about Picross that hasn't been said before. It's another one of those puzzle games with a basic concept, but is addictive and fun enough to keep the old noggin' ticking over, designed with both short- and long-burst play sessions in mind.

On variously-sized grids of squares, numbers to the side of each row and column indicate how many tiles must be filled in, either with a tap of the stylus or a click of a button. Filling in the correct tiles reveals a picture that completes the puzzle. It is the kind of game anybody can pick up and get the hang of, and that has always been the beauty of Picross. Over 300 puzzles make up this package, with different degrees of difficulty, allowing anyone of any skill level to jump in where they are suited.

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At sixth time of asking, there is nothing new here, though. This features the same modes as before - Picross, Mega Picross, and Micross. Mega Picross feels a little cheap, unfortunately, as the same puzzles are used from the traditional Picross mode, albeit with the change-up in solutions to each puzzle, as hint numbers span multiple rows and columns. Micross is a clever idea, where multiple puzzles end up producing an even larger image once all are solved. A few extra unlockable levels are offered if saved data from Picross e, e2 or e3 is present on the system on top of these; an incentive to get customers buying the original games, perhaps? With how compelling Picross can be, anyone diving in with e6 might just feel the need to do so.

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As expected, Picross e6 is a well presented package and plays wonderfully in either stylus or button mode. The smooth dragging process for filling in tiles with the stylus or being able to use the D-pad to move and count squares, make this a great piece of software that takes full advantage of the inputs at its disposal. The 3DS is the perfect machine to play Picross on, so it's no surprise Jupiter has opted to push out yet another entry, but with little to no new ideas or modes, this is just yet another huge set of new puzzles to please Picross aficionados.


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