Total War: Attila - Slavic Nations Culture Pack (PC) Review

By Ian Soltes 22.04.2016 1

Review for Total War: Attila - Slavic Nations Culture Pack on PC

When Total War: Attila was released there was a problem. The Huns were very strong. This expansion, which allows playing as a civilization designed to near-perfectly counteract this overpowered race, is a near-direct response to that, but is basically nothing more than what it says.

Bringing three new factions into play, the Slavic Nations Culture Pack does its best to bring in a counter to the very strong Hunnic faction. In this case, the new Slavic people boast the ability to easily recolonise regions razed by the Huns, helping them stem their destructive tide. They also boast some very potent poisoned arrows, and some solid starting-level buildings to help keep the opposition from over-running them the moment they recolonize.

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It's pretty much what is to be expected to be honest. As a faction the Slavs seem to be pretty much where they need to be. Struggling against a powerful foe in a desolate land with a few hard counters to the strong hordes, though annoyingly lacking in ways to chase them down and force them to fight, they come off as pretty decently balanced.

The problem is that this is all it is. Aside from adding in a unique aspect in the 'wonder buildings,' which they need to win, and offer faction-wide bonuses, there just isn't much else to do in this pack. Unlike other add-ons that brags about being an expansion, this one never really claims to be one.

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It allows you to play as the Slavic nations. In other words: it offers exactly what it says on the tin. It might be one thing if this majorly changed the gameplay or tried something major but, as-is, there simply isn't anything to talk about. The Slavs do help with the Huns being OP problem, but, on the whole, it's just three new civilisations to play as.


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I really tried with this one but... It's pretty much the exact same thing as being allowed to play as the Hattori in TWS:2. Sure, it's cool to have more options and it certainly isn't bad and you'll get exactly what you came for, but it's just another option as to what to play (or three in this case).

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