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By Thom Compton 28.04.2016 1

Review for Ookibloks on PC

Mobile games have a weird relationship with PC and consoles. When they get ported, they can either end up being tremendously fun or a total disaster. Games like Hitman GO translate really well, and that's because the controls can be easily mapped to buttons. The total disaster part is usually due to the controls not translating. Ookibloks doesn't suffer from poor controls, but how does this mobile-to-PC port handle everything else on PC?

Ookibloks, like most of the best games, takes a simple premise and finds really interesting ways to exploit it. The concept this time around is that you must hit every block with a banana on it. The catch is that you can only move in one direction at a time. If you hit left, you will move across the board to the left until an adjacent block appears in your way. As the game progresses, the board layout changes, enemies litter the board, and special blocks change how your monkey moves.

Graphically, the game can only be described as cute. Every enemy, and your monkey included, looks like they were stolen from a baby's onesie. It's impressive that, with such an adorable graphic style, it's easy to get lost in the game so effortlessly. Because you can't technically lose, it becomes a matter of tenacity to see each level to the end. The childish characters make each defeat seem more and more painless.

This is continued in the music, which feels like something ripped straight from an old English children's show. It's charming, uplifting, and keeps the overall light pace the game is striving for. Ookibloks is a game that strives on keeping everything lighthearted, and it succeeds in spades. It's nice, in an age where games are a very serious endeavour, that one would try and be so gentle and lighthearted.

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The game even includes boss fights that are fantastically integrated into everything else that is done well. While some of the level design seems to fringe on tight difficulty, everything feels well balanced enough that these levels feel weak, but not like deal breakers. It's distressful when a game with such a high level of precision has the occasional dud, but it's still a lot of fun.

It occasionally feels repetitive, and it seems like the idea only goes for so long, but it's still a novel and exciting experience. While the idea may grow boring over time, it's a lot of fun while it lasts. Ookibloks is enjoyable in short doses, and it's obvious it works best on mobile devices where you can pull it out and play for a bit. Even if it doesn't withstand longer play sessions and the levels become weathered over time, it's absolutely worth every penny.

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Ookibloks really is a tremendously fun experience. It never feels too hard or too simple. While it is possible to fail, it requires running into enemies, and for a lot of the experience, it's harder to do that than to avoid them. Ookibloks holds up enough to be worth exploring, even if it begins to show cracks later on.


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Hi Thom,

I'm Rob and I worked on the PC port of Ookibloks. I was wondering if you'd be willing to e-mail me so I can gather more info about the loading bug you've run into. So far, you're the only person I know who has encountered this issue so any info you can provide would really help me fix the bug. My e-mail address is rob@skyboygames.com.

Thanks in advance,

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