Camp Pokémon (iOS) Review

By Luna Eriksson 02.05.2016

Review for Camp Pokémon on iOS

With Nintendo moving deeper into the world of mobile gaming now, following on from Miitomo, Cubed3 has been taking a look back at some of the other entries that already exist, but may have previously flown under the radar. Following on from an analysis of the excellent puzzler, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, next up is Camp Pokémon, aimed at young trainers around the world.

There are many difficult things to learn when starting to play Pokémon - things like EV training, IV breeding, breeding moves and other aspects that are relevant to competitive play. How about the fundamental basics, though? Those vital elements required to work through the adventure, like type weaknesses and what Pokémon evolve into which ones? Small things like that. This is where Camp Pokémon comes in, offering players a way to get to know the Pokémon world in a number of mini-games designed specifically for young trainers worldwide.

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These mini-games come in the form of things like memory games and capturing Pokémon - opening the eyes of youngsters to the important parts of the Pocket Monsters universe. It is a clever way to hook new players, bringing them into the wide variety of Pokémon-related content that exists nowadays.

While teaching newcomers about the Pokémon world, though, everything is too simplistic and lacks replayability. Memory is only fun for so long before it gets boring. This means that while Camp Pokémon has several mini-games included, it will still barely last one measly hour before that desire to switch off. However, as a free-to-play app meant mainly to give some insight, it still works well enough.

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While Camp Pokémon does works well enough as a means for teaching children how the basics of the Pokémon world operates, as a game it simply lacks replayability and that all-important 'fun factor.' Its main purpose may not actually to be 'enjoyable,' as such, yet it does feel like it's a waste of potential as Nintendo has shown several times before that it is a company able to create extremely engaging and addictive mini-games.


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