Pokémon Photo Booth (iOS) Review

By André Eriksson 02.05.2016

Review for Pokémon Photo Booth on iOS

Over in Japan, photo booths are a very popular way to spend money to make fun images with some cool props in the background or foreground to help make memories with dear friends. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have decided to turn this into a Pokémon-themed app where players can create photos with Pokémon-related captions on them. Did they capture the idea perfectly with Pokémon Photo Booth, or is this nothing but a photo bomb?

One thing people enjoy doing are memes. Ones related to Pokémon and its iconic battle phrases have been quite popular for a long time, and now The Pokémon Company has decided to give people an app to make it possible to add Pokémon text boxes with said battle phrases onto their photos.

This app is called Pokémon Photo Booth, which implies that it will serve as a photo booth with cool features to customise the photo with the help of many things to make the photo something extraordinary, fun, and, most of all, memorable.

Screenshot for Pokémon Photo Booth on iOS

However, this is sadly not the case. Besides the option to add captions, the only other option is to create a Pokéball-filtered profile picture. While the captions are interesting, more would be needed to make this app into a must-have, leaving it as little more than a very limited time waster. Hopefully, more will be done with this app in the future to turn it into something that matches expectations of a photo booth application.

Screenshot for Pokémon Photo Booth on iOS

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Anyone would expect more from an application named Pokémon Photo Booth - certainly not just the option to add a battle text box to photos. While the very little content included is well executed, there is simply nothing here to hold anyone's attention, even the most die-hard of Nintendo fans. Hopefully, The Pokémon Company will add far more to this over time in order to make Pokémon Photo Booth into something worthwhile, fulfilling its potential.


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