Silence of the Sleep (PC) Review

By Thom Compton 01.06.2016

Review for Silence of the Sleep on PC

Games have been tackling more and more subject matter that falls into the taboo category of yesteryear. In 2004, it would have been hard to fathom a game like That Dragon, Cancer or Dys4ia making waves the way they have. While Silence of the Sleep may be a more traditional game, it still manages to tackle deep subject matter like suicide and death as a whole. Can it possibly reach the emotional depths of other titles yet still manage to be an engrossing game?

Silence of the Sleep opens with a gut-wrenching sight. Watching the player character throw himself from one mortal coil to a morbid limbo is a jarring introduction. From here on out, everything the player does, everyone they meet, and everywhere they go will be a constant reminder of this one decision and why they aren't allowed to move on yet. It's haunting, and the mixing of a more traditional horror with this sort of weighted subject matter is definitely something to be appreciated.

The game unfolds in very traditional point-and-click style. The player will meander around what appears to be a dilapidated hotel, gathering information and meeting a slew of characters. While some of these people - like a Shining-esque bartender and a wayward soul who seems as lost as you - are interesting, a good portion are throw away characters whose dialogue could easily be handed off to someone different and more remarkable.

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The gameplay starts off interesting enough, as the player explores the creepy old hotel that serves as a waiting room for the afterlife. It's not exactly inspired, as most of the gameplay is really just trying to determine which door is unlocked and which one isn't. Still, uncovering the cryptic story manages to be exciting despite the drudgery of the puzzles, which largely consist of combining items.

There are enemies, and as might be expected, you are defenceless against them. Being hunted by them doesn't feel particularly threatening, and while the idea of being defenceless against the enemy and having to hide may have held power at one point, it now just seems like a prime example of an idea growing stale. Still, the game is definitely pretty to look at. The view in Silence of the Sleep is about disarming the player and leaving them feeling that all hope is lost. It manages this better than the gameplay, as every room and corridor is saturated with despair and really makes sure the player never feels safe.

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Silence of the Sleep has a horrifying atmosphere and a story of grotesque sadness. Unfortunately, the game portion of this game is largely just rehashes of modern horror games and bygone adventure games. The story would definitely hold up as a movie or book, but as an interactive experience, the game never manages to feel like more than a series of great ideas stacked on plain ones.


Jesse Makkonen


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