Table Top Racing: World Tour (PlayStation 4) Review

By Luna Eriksson 07.07.2016

Review for Table Top Racing: World Tour on PlayStation 4

Nothing is quite as satisfying as creating a racing track in the living room, the kitchen, or any place that isn't really suited for it. There's something that tickles the creative sense in using things for what they weren't meant for, and this is something the developers of Table Top Racing: World Tour likely felt when designing the courses for their toy car racer. However, is it as much of a blast to play as it is to design? It's time to put the safety belt on as Cubed3 delves in!

When it comes to the racing genre, there are generally two paths to take when designing a game. The developer may choose to go in the direction of realism, aiming at creating a lifelike experience where the choice of vehicle is almost as important as the driving skills, containing several options to change the car in different ways between different races and creating the most hardcore experience possible. Then, there is the option of making a hilarious, unrealistic experience filled with silliness and character. Table Top Racing: World Tour manages to find a wonderful balance between these two extremes. Players are offered an interesting experience thanks to its creative design choice of making the cars into toys and basing the stages on every day places with commonplace things (such as pool balls, ice cubes, plates of sushi, etc.) as obstacles, giving the game a playful, yet still realistic atmosphere.

To accompany this are the elements mixing both the light-hearted and serious aspects of more realistic and party-based racers alike. Table Top Racing: World Tour offers both single player and online multiplayer features to keep players occupied: there are several different modes to try out when progressing through the solo campaign, as well as a mode where the player takes on their opponents by fighting with weapons in true classic party racer style, and another without any weapons to better appeal to the more serious crew of the racing community. There's also a time trial mode and even an extra mode in which points are gained by drifting.

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While there is plenty of variety and some longevity in the game, there is also one major issue. As its biggest appeal is as a party racer, couch multiplayer seems like a given - however, local multiplayer modes are completely lacking. This hinders what could otherwise be a perfect game for local sessions, as most of the fun that comes with shooting each other with missiles, ice beams, and mines is sadly lost when playing with people online.

Besides the lack of online multiplayer, Table Top Racing: World Tour is a stable racing title that mixes the strongest elements of both competitive and party racers wonderfully and appeals nicely to a large audience. However, the lack of local multiplayer modes removes a lot of potential longevity, and means that the game stops being as enjoyable once every course is beaten; until then, though, it's a great racer.

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While Table Top Racing: World Tour is a wonderfully designed racer, the lack of local multiplayer does hold it back from reaching its full potential as a party game - most of the fun of the genre is removed when there is no way to see or hear the reactions of the opponents when they fall into the malicious trap laid out for them. The campaign will at least last for a while, however, giving it some hours of fun and plenty of value - and who doesn't enjoy the charm of toy cars driving around in a sushi restaurant?


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