The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - Thieves Guild (PlayStation 4) Review

By Drew Hurley 22.07.2016

Review for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - Thieves Guild on PlayStation 4

Those coming from Oblivion and Skyrim, will surely remember the quest chains of the Thieves Guild to be completely different from the rest of the game; taking on the life of the rogue, slipping through the shadows unseen, stealing everything not nailed down. Now, the denizens of The Elder Scrolls Online get the opportunity to join this fraternity of cutpurses. The Thieves Guild DLC is purchasable from the Crown Store for 2,000 Crowns, or for those with coin to spare there's the 4,000 Crown collector's bundle which comes with a Hammerfell Camel mount, a fire-breathing Kindlespit Dragon Frog, and five crown experience scrolls.

This is the third DLC to hit Tamriel Unlimited, after The Imperial City and Orsinium, and is the first to be dedicated to the PvE. Once purchased, a new quest is added to track down something of an ineffectual thief named Quen inside any of Tamriel's Outlaw Refuges.

Quen is looking for a partner to take on a big job, to try and steal an artifact from a large estate. This heist is an introduction to the style of this DLC, a stealth-centric infiltration into a camp to steal a certain item. This first task leads to a much bigger world, establishing the Thieves Guild lair in a new area known as Hew's Bane, a truly beautiful peninsula at the south of Hammerfell.

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Other than the story there are new types of quests and missions along with other little additions to expand and flesh out the base game. These also come in the form of a well-loved MMO aspect: daily quests. The center point of these are Heists; instanced-based missions, which give a target location to infiltrate, as well as something to try and make off with, and it's also possible to steal plenty of other items to fence upon the arrival at the home base too. These heists are replayable too, giving the opportunity to try and play through in total stealth, and vanish without ever being detected. There are pickpocket quests too, giving a mark and something to lift.

These Thieves Guild quests are an ideal way to renew interest in old areas by getting people to revisit them once again, but, while they're fun, they suffer from repetition problems. The Heists don't feel quite as repetitive, although it would be nice to see more locations continue to be added. The pickpocket quests, however, get old fairly quickly.

There are a plenty of other extras added in this DLC. There is a new skill line to work through by performing actions for the Thieves Guild, filled with passive abilities to enhance each of the thieving abilities. One such passive entitled "Finder's Keepers" gives the ability to open the familiar Thieves Troves of previous games, which will now be scattered across the land. A veteran member of the Thieves Guild Kari has been tasked by the guildmaster to produce a special list of the rarest and most valuable items for the new blood to show their stuff. This Hit List gives a few clues to the locations of the artifacts and leaves the rest to the player. This is a superb scavenger hunt worth investing a lot of time in and not touching a guide for! Not to mention new motifs, new world bosses, and so much more!

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - Thieves Guild is an enjoyable and distinctively different DLC in comparison to all that has come before. The story section is entertaining and keeps the player interested throughout, while the new additions to the base game really help to enhance and improve the overall experience. There's definite value for money here.


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