Metroid (NES) Second Opinion Review

By Eric Ace 07.08.2016

Review for Metroid on NES

Metroid is a game that needs little introduction as it was one of the original platformer games and was instrumental in the creation of the genre known as 'Metroidvania' games. The general premise is on exploration and powering up with new items. Released in Japan on the Famicom Disk System in 1986, and then brought to North America and Europe on the NES in 1987 and 1988, respectively, Cubed3 looks back on the original game to see how it holds up today.

Metroid, as may be expected of any NES game, is lacking in graphics, but many of the other charges that might be levelled against it simply do not hold up to scrutiny. The gameplay is still solid and in many ways better than some modern games. The music is unbelievable even heard now. Check, for example, the track "Kraid's Hideout" for an amazing display of what music is capable of when the designers try - and this is from the Nintendo of thirty years ago.

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The adventure begins, for anyone who has never played it, with control of Samus Aran, who can do little other than jump and shoot. By gaining new weapons, items and skills, new areas can be unlocked and the game expands to larger and larger areas leading to final battles with major bosses. Metroid is massive and open-ended to a big extent, which leads to a great feeling of confusion and claustrophobia.

It is not without its flaws. A major part is, without writing down maps, it is very, very hard to figure anything out, and beating the game is mostly a product of endless determination and some parts luck (finding the right items), which may anger some players. Other items like the Screw Attack are so over-powered that the game is nearly impossible to beat without, and easy to beat with. There are pits that can't be climbed out of, lava pools that can't be jumped from and many conventions that don't exist in modern gaming. That being said, anyone picking this up and looking past the graphics will find an enjoyable game that holds up even now.

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Metroid is still playable, even by today's standards. The difficulty and the challenge will entice many looking for a 'real' game, the music is catchy, and the gameplay solid. Metroid is a type of game that many others would do well to emulate. Among its only flaws are the predicted lack of graphics and a punishing lack of true saves.






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