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By Eric Ace 09.08.2016 5

Review for Super Metroid on Super Nintendo

Super Metroid is without a doubt a game that holds up to the test of time. Detractors may point to things like graphics, but that is about it, because on every other aspect, this game levels even modern competition. Super Metroid sees players controlling the female bounty hunter Samus on a platforming adventure, exploring a massive world where they acquire power-ups along the way. Continuing our look back at the Metroid series as part of its 30th anniversary, does one of the most acclaimed games still deserve the praise?

Sprite-based games hold up graphically much better than polygonal and, as a result, the single modern negative of this game is pretty easily forgiven. Everything is clear and clean, and doesn't look much worse than any platformer on 3DS or PS Vita. With the one negative out of the way, allow the merits to be explained.

First, the atmosphere in Super Metroid is rarely reproduced in other games; the feeling of isolation is ever-present. The settings range from fiery lava areas to green jungles, and the player feels it all. From the plants and grasses of the Brinstar jungle, to the near instant death of Norfair's lava until the right suit is acquired, there is a general atmosphere that really takes hold.

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The musical score is so popular and good that it has entire followings that produce remixes of fairly skilled production. Considering this was on the SNES, the music is still a pleasure to listen to even now; for example, the track "Brinstar - Red Soil Swampy Area" captures the feeling of a jungle world with dark, dangerous wonder.

One thing Super Metroid introduced, which was a huge boon, was an auto-map feature, along with save points scattered everywhere. It was not the nightmare of the original that essentially had to be beaten in one go, and the long slog gives the feeling of how epic of a journey this is. The map is good for beginners, while it doesn't show secret areas that some of the more hardcore fans will spend a long time finding.

The growth from a weak character to this super charged one is a very good progression. There is little story per se in terms of dialogue or text, but the feeling of it still gives a 'story' of wonder, creating questions as to how the original space station was destroyed and whether the ancient ship on the planet was related. Of course, without spoiling anything to those who have not played it, there is a very sad moment that occurs near the end that has a surprising impact given that there is never a single word of dialogue in the entire game between the two characters. It is things like this that are sometimes forgotten in modern gaming, and why this stands up even now.

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Super Metroid is one of the best games of all time, and deserves that reputation. Even today, it stands above many games, delivering a complete package of enjoyable gameplay, a sense of progression, outstanding music, and a good sense of story with only very, very minor dialogue in the entire game. Anyone who has not played it will do themselves a favour trying it, and anyone who has understands why Super Metroid is still so good today.


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I love Super Metroid because of the atmosphere (in the main arising from the ingenious soundtrack), pacing and great expanding control. Great game. I tend not to like games that are adventures and are a "play through to the end" thing - but there are two games like that I have played to completion - Zelda : A Link to the Past and Super Metroid. Once I played these everything that followed just seemed to recycle their design - even modern games, and since it isn't a style I'm into they remain the only two I completed.

I hate Super Metroid because it ruined another franchise I love - Castlevania. Once that series went "Metroid" I lost interest.


( Edited 10.08.2016 10:44 by davyK )

Thanks for reading.  Why do you not like castlevania?  I find those fun as well.

What a masterpiece. To me is an easily 10 out of 10. Super Metroid has given to me something that no other game has. Awesome review!

Love Castlevania - at least I did when it was a linear game. Symphony of the Night is a cross between Super Metroid and Castlevania and every game since has followed that pattern. I prefer my Castlevania to be linear.

Super Castlevania IV is the best.

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