Kill Me Again (iOS) Review

By André Eriksson 23.09.2016

Review for Kill Me Again on iOS

Puzzlers and zombie horror is mixed into one single package in Kill Me Again, and isn't it a strange mix? Puzzle games which are meant to be relaxing and stimulating to the brain, and horror games which are meant to make the player feel stressed and getting that adrenaline pumping. Contrasts can, however, make each aspect shine more. Will this be the case in here?

Puzzle game mixed with zombie horror. Two genres far away from one another united into one game. This mix creates a strong contrast that can end either way. The gameplay is of the typical Bejeweled sort, but with the possibility to pull around the bricks rather than just moving two of them, making creating combos easier… and all this mixed with a zombie shooter in which the player has to kill the zombies in time by both using their great puzzle skills as well as regular weaponry and armoury upgrades to keep up with the constantly growing zombie hordes.

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To top it all off, there are also boss battles which are often putting up quite a nice challenge to give a well needed change of pace, as most of the ordinary stages are quite easy. The problem is, however, that the difficulty of these can also easily be circumvented by hiring other survivors to help out making Kill Me Again a very easy game to beat. More focus could've been put on the zombie theme, but the zombies will seldom be seen as they are on the upper part of the screen, which most will rarely, if ever, look at as their attention has to be on the puzzle.

The only thing ever reminding players that they are killing off zombies are the special attacks that appear from time to time, which does everything from healing to jumping away from the zombies. Ultimately, this feels more like a vanilla puzzle game with pay gates thanks to the need for good weaponry and the classic energy meter. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is a great waste of potential.

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The horror and puzzle genres could mix together to create wonderful contrast. Sadly, this isn't the case in Kill Me Again. Instead it is a very simplistic puzzle game with plenty of pay gates. While it certainly is a functioning and at times really fun puzzler, the pay gates and the lost potential often overshadows what it does well. Its biggest issue, though, is how the whole zombie theme is lost, since the player will mostly look at the main puzzle screen.


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