LEGO Dimensions: Portal 2 (Wii U) Review

By Drew Hurley 14.10.2016

Review for LEGO Dimensions: Portal 2 on Wii U

With the new range of LEGO Dimensions packs just hitting shelves, Cubed3 is taking the opportunity to cover one of the most surprising licences to be included in the original LEGO Dimensions game. Just like Cubed3's previous escapades with Doctor Who and Back to the Future, the Portal 2 pack consists of a story level to play through, an open adventure world to explore, and some physical LEGO pieces, too.

The adventure worlds of the previous LEGO Dimensions level packs were the high points when compared to the sub-par story levels, but that's not the case here. With this pack, both the adventure world and the story stage are highly enjoyable and a must-play for fans of Portal.

The story world here takes under an hour to complete, but it is fun all the way through. It's a close approximation of the previous Portal titles, setting Chell against a series of puzzle-filled stages. It's hard to believe this actually exists, playing as a little LEGO Minifig Chell, using a Portal Gun through LEGO stages. It's madness—yet it works fantastically. What helps is that there is brand new original voice work from the most iconic voices of the series. Ellen Mclain's insane GLaDOS, Stephen Merchant's annoying Wheatley, and the fabulous scenery-chewing JK Simmons as Cave Johnson. The story has Chell trek through the Aperture Science labs, through to the destroyed areas, then eventually through to a boss battle with GLaDOS.

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The adventure world here is sprawling—a massive structure floating in nothingness with tons of secrets to hunt down and puzzles to take on. It has hours of fun, and again has the voice actors providing quality commentary throughout. The puzzles inside this adventure world are some of the best in any yet seen in LEGO Dimensions, but are still a good deal easier than those found in Portal itself. The best addition to the base game, though, has to be the inclusion of the series signature gameplay elements; the addition of the Portal Gun and the propulsion gel are faithfully recreated, and serve to really improve the gameplay.

The physical LEGO pieces that come with this pack are superb, consisting of Chell with a Portal Gun, a Sentry Turret, and the series favourite Companion Cube. Chell and her Portal Gun are completely original pieces that are fantastic representations of the character and her weapon. Like Chell, the Companion Cube is a piece completely unique to this pack, with original printed pieces for its sides, unable to be purchased elsewhere. The turret, however, is just regular LEGO pieces, and it does feel like a missed opportunity to not have Wheatley or GLaDOS included. It's a real shame that the Portal licence never received more LEGO sets.

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It's LEGO and Portal! This is worth picking up for the prospect of the physical pieces alone! Thankfully, there are plenty other reasons to purchase it. It gives more Portal goodness for fans of the series, adds one of the best level packs to the LEGO Dimensions core game, and is just tons of fun. We can only hope that the new range of LEGO Dimensions packs can live up to this stellar example, and with licences like Sonic and Adventure Time incoming, it certainly has potential to!


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