Zen Pinball 2: Marvel's Women of Power (PlayStation 4) Review

By Josh Di Falco 19.10.2016

Review for Zen Pinball 2: Marvel

By now, Zen Studios has built a repertoire of tables based off licensed properties, from feature films such as Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens and the Alien franchise, to television comedies such as Family Guy and American Dad. Now, the latest table pack to get the pinball treatment is devoted to some of the lesser-known female superheroes from the Marvel comics. Containing two tables titled A-Force and Champions, this latest pack delivers hours of fun, and further opportunity to gain some high scores.

The first table is based off the A-Force comic's line. When the Cosmic Cube is destroyed during a tussle between Black Widow and Madam Masque, the pair finds themselves trapped in an alternate reality. The two stand on opposite sides of the pinball table, which is the easier of the two tables in terms of garnering a high score. The table is very open, with laneways on either side of the table that lead up to the A-Force tower. The table contains the two inner flippers, which allow for easy access up to the tower, as the A-Force tower is significant due to the five main missions that are tied with it.

The five missions can be completed in any given order, and they are quite fun to play through. Whether it is combating the alternate universe's Soviet Black Widow or Soviet Madam Masque, or hotwiring a Jeep in order to escape the Soviets, this table is sure to deliver a few hours of enjoyment. Activating the skill shot is quite easy, as it consists of having the ball fall through a randomly lit up searchlight. In addition, the Titanium Man, Boris Bullski resides on the table itself, and is tied to one of the two Multiball scenarios. Hit Titanium Man's helmet enough times, and a battle ensues with lots of points rewarded for defeating him.

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The second table is subtitled Champions, and revolves around Ms. Marvel as she is robbed of her cafe takings, en route to depositing it at the bank, by Bombshell. Ms. Marvel takes centre stage on the table, with her extendable arm serving as the plunger. Unlike the first table, this pinball stage is a little bit harder to get a good run on with the ball, and for some reason seems to have a higher rate of balls falling down the side drains. Getting the ball up the two main ramps seem tougher than it should be, requiring a lot of power behind the hit.

To assist Ms. Marvel in her battle with Bombshell, Nico Minoru, Spider-Gwen, Hawkeye and America Chavez lend their services, providing certain parameters are met. While none of them actually appear, the Staff of One and Spider-Gwen's webbing do appear on the table at times. Nico Minoru's Staff of One appears on the table and moves from lane to lane, and hitting the ball through it enough times opens up a portal to Bombshell, with its high point potential. There is a mini-game involved catching sparkles; however, there is nothing here to further push the envelope in terms of innovation or diversity, compared to the previous tables.

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Marvel's Women of Power pack sees Zen Studios dip into the well of licensed properties, and bringing to life some of the lesser-known female super heroes in the Marvel comics franchises. The audio serves a great purpose in giving these characters some personality that would be enjoyed by newcomers to this Marvel property. The A-Force table is the easier of the two due to its openness; however, both tables are ultimately great additions to the ever growing Zen Pinball family. The comic art style used further embellishes a pack that Zen Studios has put as much tender loving care into as any of their previous packs.






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