Crusader Kings II: The Reaper's Due (PC) Review

By Ian Soltes 30.10.2016

Review for Crusader Kings II: The Reaper

The Black Death and many other plagues were a key part of history. Not something minor. In fact, its spread is pretty heavily responsible for shaping the world as we know it today. Before now, though, it wasn't exactly the most important thing in Crusader Kings II. The newest expansion seeks to change that and add in a bunch more death!

Previously on Crusader Kings II! After a lengthy battle and massive dispute due to the sudden decision of the King of England to convert from Christianity to the African beliefs as encouraged by his beloved wife, a lord lead a revolt in an attempt to overthrow the land, calling in help from the mighty Swiss army stationed in Portugal. Despite this, though, the lord was captured and the English king was left with a frustrating riddle. What exactly to do with this upstart lord!?

The Reaper's Due now seeks to provide an answer to that question by providing a bunch of new ways to kill things! Impalement? Death by elephant? Everything is possible now! It seems that Paradox paid attention to the modding community as The Reaper's Due seems to take from several popular mods in a good way.

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For starters, plagues are now much more deadly. Before, plagues, while they existed, weren't the most intimidating thing in the world. While avoiding smallpox was an obviously good thing, it simply wasn't a threat and it was far too easy to go throughout life without once contracting something of any meaning. Gone are those days, as the plagues have been amped up, and it drastically changes things. Now, doing things like closing up the castle gates and entering into seclusion while the plague ravages the land are a serious concern.

In addition, many new ways to execute people have been implemented even though, eventually, it all boils down to the same general effect. However, on the brighter side, a reform has been made to how prosperous a realm is, and, given the time and attention to turn it from dirt-farming to a land of luxury, it can result in a much better crafted system to reward those whom value peaceful building.

Sadly, that's also the expansion's biggest problem. Outside of plagues, ways to kill people, and an overhaul as to how prosperity works, it doesn't really do much. While changing how plagues work is no minor thing, it's also no major thing. It's the realm of mods. Good mods, but mods still, and The Reaper's Due sort of feels like a bunch of well-made mods packaged together, made relatively seamless, then sold. That doesn't change that it's good content, just lacking the bite a great expansion should have.

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On the whole, saying something bad about The Reaper's Due is simply a dishonest stance outside of a few things. There isn't some glaring flaw or shortcoming, some aspect that feels like a punch to the gut, or something that feels super frustrating, just nothing that strikes to the level where playing without it feels like an entirely different experience. It's got all upsides, just not some major upside to make it stand out as more desirable even among its fellow Crusader Kings II expansion peers. Those that want deeper mechanics to the plagues and other things will want this, while others won't be crippling themselves by ignoring it.


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