Ride 2 (Xbox One) Review

By Shane Jury 07.11.2016

Review for Ride 2 on Xbox One

Created by Italian developer Milestone, the goal of the original Ride was to be the premier Motorcycle racing sim, similar to how the Gran Turismo franchise faithfully represents cars. General consensus agreed that it was ambitious, yet lacking in many areas. It got a release in 2015 for many non-Nintendo formats to general praise and decent sales, enough for Milestone to follow up with a sequel a year later. Does Ride 2 burn rubber around the track of quality, or is it a victim of overheating once again?

Ride 2's narrative structure opts to immerse with professionally made cut-scene work and voice-over quality, rather than a gripping yarn to drive progression interest. Realism is the name of the game here. Beautifully-made, real-world racing tracks with meticulous attention to detail in every inch, bikes that demand riding with patience and perseverance to get the most out of, rather than weapons for biker aggression.

Strictly put, this was made for motorcycle enthusiasts first and foremost, rather than the curious first-time purchaser, and nowhere is this made clearer than the game's tutorial, or lack thereof. Ride 2 doesn't just throw a new racer in at the deep end, but also doesn't clarify many functions or controls; when to prioritise front or back braking, or using the gears in sequence for example. That being said, there is a real sense of satisfaction for getting to grips with the system and finally winning races.

Despite the outward focus on veterans, there are a number of features that help newcomers in standing side by side with seasoned players. The Guideline is one such handy attribute that rookie and experienced alike can appreciate - a non-intrusive cursor line that appears on the track to warn of impending corners, with colour changes from blue to red signifying necessary speed reductions.

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Another feature that can make or break a race is the Rewind ability. With a press of a trigger, a biker can reverse any particular misstep they may have made in the race, whether minor or disastrous. This optional ability takes time to recharge so as to not be constantly abused, and can become essential in later, and more difficult courses, but does admittedly detract from the sense of realism that Ride 2 is trying to convey.

The main meat of the game is the World Tour mode, a narrated excursion around the top biking tracks of the globe. This grants access to many options, including seasonal and international events, championships, and worldwide ranking for each. These are the portals to which money and medals can be earned, to purchase new rider gear and new Motorcycles, and also to tune up and modify the latter. There is also a Team vs. Team feature that allows groups to challenge each other online, with in-game cash and bragging rights at stake. These modes alone provide a vast amount of playability, though, often through sheer difficulty, as it cannot be modified as in other modes like Quick Tour.

Speaking of which, Quick Tour is the one-stop shop for speedy plays - a means to practice already-unlocked courses, and perfect them with the Time Trial option. There is even a local multiplayer option for a two-player split screen. The game offers up a handful of online options as well, with daily and weekly Challenges that reward money for upgrading bikes, and tokens for other unlockables. There is little doubt that Ride 2's content is focused but substantial, and even excluding future downloadable content notices that don't intrude regular play in the slightest, there is plenty for the motorcycle aficionado here.

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A worthy purchase option for serious motorcycle fans, and a cautionary tale for curious onlookers, Ride 2 succeeds in establishing itself in the racing space, with authentic track and bike design, a vast array of play styles and options, and a key online support to boost longevity.









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