Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade) Review

By Athanasios 13.11.2016

Review for Ms. Pac-Man on Arcade

All famous pop icons must have a female counterpart. That's one of the fundamental rules of the universe, evident by all those Supergirls, Wolverinas, and She-Hulks. Therefore, how could Pac-Man, one of the biggest video game stars not have one of his own? Without further ado (and with a slight, 35-year delay), Cubed3 presents the sexiest character to have ever appeared on our screens… Miiiiiis Pac-Maaan!

She runs around naked, wears makeup, has one of those silly hair bowties, and, judging from her name, she must be a transvestite, therefore, Ms. Pac-Man is a bad role model for little girls. Moreover, besides being an obese glutton that eats things lying on the ground, as well as hallucinogenics that destroy her God-given vision, she is also involved in witchcraft, managing to summon four satanic entities from the bowels of Heeeeeell! Cubed3 simply does not condone…

All kidding aside, remember Pac-Man? Of course you do! Do you also remember his wife, though? Yes, Pac-dude had a significant other, and she had a title of her own to star on. Was it one of those cash-grabbing attempts that every industry is so fond of? Was she just an attempt to make some easy money with the help of her hubby's name? Not really. Compared to the original, Ms. Pac-Man is, in many ways, the better game.

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At its core, it's typical Pac-Man. Run around, eat pellets, avoid four ghosts, or "eat" and temporarily disable them after swallowing down a power pellet. There are warp gates from which our yellow heroine can escape from, score-boosting fruits that help her come closer to that helpful extra life, and "cut-scenes" between levels, where you can see how the Pac-family got together, and how and Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man had some hot steaming… something, and got blessed with Jr. Pac-Man.

Is that all? No. Some changes have taken place here, which, although small, manage to offer a better experience. For starters, there's not only one level available but a handful of them, which adds a welcome layer of variety. Furthermore, while these levels have more than one warp gate to help Ms. Pac-Man escape the ghosts, they also have some parts where it's easy to get trapped if not careful.

Probably the best change, though, is the slightly more random nature of the gameplay. While the original sure required some very skilled hands, the enemy AI was somewhat easy to read. Not anymore. While ghosts still follow a certain pattern, their behaviour is a bit more unpredictable - something that goes for the edible treats that increase the score, which no longer sit on the centre of the level, and instead bounce around waiting to get gobbled up.

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Rated 8 out of 10

There are many gamers that would avoid Ms. Pac-Man like the plague due to its name, yet, while its title may seem like a girls-only invitation, it's not really a case of Action Man vs. Barbie, but an actually better version of the legendary original. Cubed3's recommendation? Be sure to try it out.









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